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    Please recall that around one and a half year before, we made a payment to you to buy some goods. Since some of the goods that we paid had run out of stock, we still have a balance payment in your account for our future purchase.

    We are going to buy some goods again from you now. Therefore please confirm that we still have the balance payment of XXX dollars (please put down what kind of dollars - US, NT$, etc.) in your account.

    Thank you for your attention. Please feel free to contact us if you need further information on this balance payment.

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    >> Over one and half years ago, we overpayed you of certain amounts for XXX dollars (by purchasing some goods from you). Now, could you kindly verify it since we'd like to make additional purchase from you again? Thank you very much.

    PS: 如果你只是要確認那個多餘的金額是否還在它們那裡, 哪這樣寫最簡單明了, 比較有保障的做法是當時請對方開一張手寫的証明, 證明你們還有多餘的錢在他們那裡, 但看起來你們好像沒這麼做...

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    Our record indicates that we still have a credit of $xxxxx with you as a result of our overpayment of one and half a year ago. We would appreciate your kind verification and advice to us at your earliest convenience.

    2009-02-16 12:49:14 補充:

    國際貿易上買方遇有逾付(overpayment)情況而不立即結清時, 應請賣方出具一Credit Note(貸項通知)載明逾付金額, 作為日後結帳或抵付之依據.

    Source(s): 國貿業務20餘年
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