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英文翻譯問題~請幫忙翻成英文 冷漠,有時候並不是無情,只是一






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    Being unconcerned does not necessarily mean to be iron-hearted, but a disguise to avoid getting hurt.


    冷漠: 應是unconcerned或indifferent較為適當;

    ignorant並非冷漠之意, 意思偏向於愚昧無知.

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    Apathy stands sometimes for, rather than ruthlessness, but....


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    Thanks, Kevin. It's clear now.

    However, I would prefer "just; only; merely" to "but" in this sentence when it follows a "tather than" phrase.

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    Apathy stands sometimes for, rather than ruthlessness, but a way to keep from being harmed.

    There is time when being indifferent has nothing to do with heartlessness, but something with staying away from getting hurt.

    Indifference is at times not so much cold-bloodedness as a means to shun injury.

    A warm heart sometimes means to appear cold lest it get burnt.

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    To cavalier:


    Apathy stands sometimes for but a way to keep from being harmed, rather than ruthlessness.

    I don't think there is any object missing here.

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    watch your owrding........son!

    Ignorant may often not express what you are trying to say in this sentence.

    A typical misuse of word and showing off~~~~~~~Sigh!

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    To be ignorant may not represent being emotionless; rather, it is a way to prevent from being injured.

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    I totally agree-- ignorance may not be as precise as indifference or apathy.

    It seems that yahoo's knowledge+ is getting better in English quality. Congratulations to all!

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    I never try to show off on yahoo knowledge+.

    After all, I try answering questions only to keep some English in my head.

    To show off?

    It never adds a penny in my pocket. This is not my profession!

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