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請問 ”反效果”的英文?

請問: 若用錯方法, 也許會造成"反效果"

的英文翻譯要怎麼說, 謝謝!

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    >> adverse effect

    adverse: 逆向的,相反的, 反面的; 不利的,有害的


    The expedition encountered adverse weather conditions. 探險隊遇到了不利的氣候條件。

    Distressed effects in Photoshop:

    When you want to create convincing imperfections within your digital work, forget filters – the resources you need are all around you…

    Make no mistake, environmental conditions will have an adverse effect(反效果) on the longevity of any artwork posted outdoors. But that which is detrimental to quality also produces a new form of beauty.

    Locating the contemporary museum at the bowling center site changes the historic design of the Main Parade ... and would result in an adverse effect" (i.e. the destruction or damage of property and the changing of the area's character).

    These activities result in the release of chemical, physical or biological substances into water, air and soil, which interfere with the ecosystem and also have an adverse effect on human health, and the health of every other living creature on the planet.

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    一般來說, opposite effect, reverse effect, adverse effect 三者可以當反效果講...不必要太嚴格限制使用場合...


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    The idea is to direct the viewer's focus onto the faces, consistent with the director's emphasis on character interplay over spectacle; I worry only that all those near-white tones may be a little overwhelming and actually (achieve the opposite effect). We'll see.

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    Oh and don't overdo it or it starts to have (a reverse effect)(與預期相反的效果) - basically just get the drops on the go an hour or so before you fly and it'll clear ya up good.

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    翻譯的精神在於傳遞語意, 而不是一味拘泥於字面("反效果")的對應, 不然的確會有"反效果". ^_^

    若用錯方法, 也許會造成反效果.

    If not properly administered, it could go the other way around.

    Go the wrong way, and you might get the contrary of what you want.

    It might just go the opposite way in case of misuse.

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    若用錯方法, 也許會造成"反效果"

    1. If you used a worng method to it, it would probably go to its down side. (這是照問題字面順序翻譯出來的問題。說話者若強調"反效果" 為先,譯法改為→ 2.)

    2. It would probably go to an adverse result/effect in case of the wrong method was being put.

    以上蛛網友等等的詮釋方法均可借鏡學習,光是有關於 "反效果" 近漢語的英文字詞就有下列之多:

    adverse, allergic to, conflicting, contrary, detrimental, disadvantageous, down on, down side, have no use for, inimical, injurious, inopportune, negative, opposed, opposing, opposite, oppugning, ornery, reluctant, repugnant, stuffy*, unfortunate, unfriendly, unlucky, unpropitious, unwilling

    我將此 "反效果" 相似詞 Thesaurus 的線上字典(下址)提供您參考,以備動用至其它字詞,則可點取 Dictionary 欄位查看字義及例句。

    如: I was at one end and she sat opposite. 此時 opposite 轉為副詞的用法 但等於 on the opposite side 之形容詞用法。因此 勤查字典及基礎文法絕無 "反效果" 。

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    opposite effect: 一般事物與預期相反的效果

    reverse effect: 政令、法律、措施等的逆向效應或反彈.

    adverse effect: 食品、藥物等與預期效果相反的危險副作用.

    若用錯方法, 也許會造成反效果.

    It may cause an opposite effect if done in a wrong way.

    If improper measures are taken, it may cause a reverse effect.

    If an inadequate treatment is made, an adverse effect may occur.

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    >> 翻譯的精神在於傳遞語意, 而不是一味拘泥於字面("反效果")的對應,

    我同意Kevin的說法, 這是當然, 但我是針對發問者亟需知道的: 請問"反效果"的英文? 並非刻意拘泥於字面的對應.

    至於要怎麼發揮是另一回事, 寫100句不同的表達也非難事.

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    It may back fired if wrong method was applied.

    back fire=反效果


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    If the wrong method is used, it may bring the opposite effect.

    反效果 : Opposite Effect

    句子例 : Fighting fire with oil will result in opposite effect.



    Source(s): 英國資深翻譯 自著
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