Do rabbits need vitamins in their water?

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And if they do what kind of vitamins do they need A B C D etc.
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I would say no. I have had 5 rabbits. My buck is fathering 12 babies at the moment. I have never given my rabbits vitamins in their water. My first rabbit lived to be 9 years old.

It is possible to overdose a rabbit on vitamins.A lot of pet stores will try to sell you vitamins to put in their water. They just want your money. (Some are on the more expensive side) As long as you are feeding them a proper diet and ensuring they have plenty of fresh water at their disposal,pellets of rabbit food and hay they shouldn't need extra vitamins. Timothy hay is best for rabbits over a year old and Alf alpha hay is best for rabbits less than a year old. It provides extra nutrients that pellets alone don't provide. With a balanced diet, your rabbit will be fine without adding vitamins. Make sure you don't feed them too much of one kind of particular veggies or fruits as this can cause wet tail. Hope this helps.


Raising rabbits for 12 years

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Thanks. This helps me a lot because i just got the rabbit yesterday and i have been feeding it pellets and hay and it seems pretty energetic so i think that's a good sign. And thanks again
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  • InsanitySpeaks answered 5 years ago
    If you're feeding them a proper diet then vitamins are not needed.
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  • kellza08 answered 5 years ago
    There's no need if they are fed well


    rabbit owner
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  • Scott H answered 5 years ago
    rabbit pellets are formulated with all the vitamins it needs, you can supplement but use only vet recommended
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  • Cathy answered 5 years ago
    I wouldn't recommend putting anything in their water. Often, animals that taste strange material in their water will simply stop drinking it. Just keep up a steady diet of mostly hay and fresh veggies and some pellets. See my source for some good info on rabbit nutrition, and if you have any more questions, you can always call your vet and ask. ;)


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  • BonBon answered 5 years ago
    yes vitamin a ,d3 , c, e, k, b1, b2, b6, b12, i bet there are some more =D helped my rbbit grow like a tree..
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