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Help identifying old movies...?

I'm thinking these are movies from the 90's, but I could be wrong.

Very sketchy memory of the movies, but here goes:

Movie 1: little boy dies in his bed - strangulated by a horse pull toy. Mom feels guilty because she didn't check on him when he called to her because she and her husband were being intimate and assumed the little boy would just drift off to sleep. Mom sees his ghost at one point, and wants to join him.

Movie 2: At the beginning of the movie, mom (i think) is watching her little girl in an outdoor play or recital where the child is dressed as a fairy (or angel?). Child goes missing and woman searches for her. I think I remember something about the end of the movie that the secret of her daughter's whereabouts lie in an underground town or building.

Wish i had more details to offer. Can anybody help?


EDIT: Thanks for the help! Definitely right on the 1st one. The 2nd one is not correct, however. I am familar with the movie that was described, but that's not the one I was looking for... and I didn't give ANYONE a thumbs down. ;)

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    Reunion (1994 TV movie)

    starring Marlo Thomas, Peter Strauss, Frances Sternhagen, Courtney Chase, Matthew Kelly, Leelee Sobieski, Victor Slezak, Susan Kellermann

    IMDb review:

    The story revolves around a woman named Jessie Yates, who, with her husband Sam, has three children, the youngest of whom, Jamie, almost dies at birth and then later perishes in a tragic accident (He dies just as you describe). "Reunion" shows how one family deals, or attempts to deal, with the death of a child, a child who makes ghostly appearances witnessed at first by Jessie, then later, we are told, by another of the children. The script manages to tiptoe, then jump, into a dramatic and ghostly thriller wherein an angst-filled woman becomes tempted to cross over to the other side of reality--or is it insanity?

    They (1993 TV movie)

    starring Vanessa Redgrave, Patrick Bergin, Valerie Mahaffey, Rutanya Alda

    IMDb synopsis:

    A man that is unable to express himself emotionally, loses his eleven year old daughter in a car accident after missing her performance in a ballet due to his overambitious job dictates. Gradually his guilt becomes worse, threatening his relationship with his wife and second, younger daughter. He stumbles onto a blind woman who has the gift of being a seer, as well her country home is occupied with the lost souls of children, including the man's daughter, and he finds himself having to work through his feelings in this setting.

    NOTE: I'm not sure why I received two thumbs down because I identified the movies and the main actors in them before gathering information so that you will know these are the right movies. So, why two thumbs down? I didn't have to research these; I know what they are. But, a title is no proof, is it? You needed more information.

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    I know what you're talking about on the first one, but can't remember the name. I will see if I can find it for you.

    I don't recall knowing the 2nd one.

    ***EDIT - I believe the name of the first one is Reunion from 1994. Hope that helps. I don't know the 2nd one.

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    She's right, #1 is the Marlo Thomas movie. Wow, depressing film.

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