whats going on with israel elections?

who won the israeli elections?

last i heard it was too close to call and there still counting?

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    The problem with the israeli elections is that any party with more than 2% of the vote can form a government if it is able to form a coalition. There is a lot of power struggle there and the major parties have only managed to secure only some 20% of the votes. The party getting the third highest number of votes is a radical jewish party headed by some Lieberman which calls for expulsion of all non-jews from israel. Neither of the top two want to form a government with Lieberman because of international pressure. There have been suggestions where the top two will hold the President's office for two years each of the four year term but there is no agreement over who will get the first chance.

    The top two candidates are Livni and Netayahu. Livni who is considered leftist was responsible for the recent massacres in Gaza where more than 1300 innocent Palestinians were killed, more than 600 of whom were children. Netayahu is a far right politician and he is against peace with the Palestinians, thus in direct opposition to President Obama's Middle East policies.

  • It was very close, so they are considering a rotating government. Neither Livni nor Netanyahu have very good cards - if Livni makes an alliance with Lieberman and the third-largest party Yisrael Beiteinu, Labor and Meretz (leftist parties) will not join her coalition, and Netanyahu has not been able to get the 65 MKs that he needs to form a government. Livni hinted that she would not accept a government led by Netanyahu and Netanyahu doesn't want a rotating position. The days of politicians who cared about the country and not about their own pride or positions are long gone, sadly.

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    The Israeli's won.

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