what was more challenging? the crucible or "itb?"?

I'm going to boot camp by the end of this February and my recruiter tells me that the Crucible was fun and that he'd do it again but i know he's a Marine and he probably would. But with all the PT he's making do I'm not so sure how fun it's gonna be.. and then I'd have to go through the Crucible (that video they showed me, sure it was inspiring, was brutal!!) and ITB.. i dunno i got a 68 on the asvab but i chose infantry anyway so....... any clue my brothers??!

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    Your question is kinda funny don't you think?

    The crucible lasts maybe 54 hours while ITB lasts maybe two months.

    ITB is alot more harder and challenging then the crucible. Their purposes are two different things. Each one is a challenge, but you cant expect a boot camp field op to be harder then a ITB school. And guess what..Once you get to your unit its gonna get even more harder and the challenges will never stop.

    I sure hope you know what your getting yourself into,somehow I doubt that.

    I have a feeling your gonna learn that infantry life is not all fun and games like you imagined it would be and once there you are gonna hate life.

    Its never to late to change your MOS choice.

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    Different types of hard :D.

    The crucible is a few very hard days where you don't sleep or eat, you're on the move constantly, and there's DI's screaming and throwing you around the whole time.

    ITB is 2 months of field training, there aren't any DI's around, but there's a whole new set of rules and games the instructors have, and in a lot of ways, they're worse. Personally I hated ITB, it was all the BS of boot camp, but with the illusion of freedom.

    And don't worry about your high ASVAB score in the Infantry - I got a 94 and joined the Infantry, and at least half my platoon in the fleet scored above an 80. It's very common, the infantry needs and has very smart individuals.

    Source(s): Former Marine Infantry
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    Not sure man wasn't in the Marines, but thanks for serving.

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