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Help me chose an inexpensive drill?

I currently have a Black & Decker battery operated, rechargeable drill. It says 7.2 Volts on the handle. Even with a new, fully charged battery, it doesn't have enough "umph" to drill the hex head self tapping ( think that's the right term) 1" screws that are similar to, but not exactly like the shape/ type one uses on say, cement backer board. I am trying to drill them into a treated piece of 1" x 2" strip of wood.

I am needing one w/ just a bit more power and $40 or less if possible. I rarely use it. Will just buying an electric one give me more power alone, or can I go up in volts (or whatever applies) and still get one with a bit more power and still keep the convenience of the battery operated style? Name brands, exact power, where to buy, etc. would be even more helpful.

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    I'm going to agree with the Ryobi vote. You may not need the 18V version for small projects and rare usage. Even a 12V version will give you the difference in power that you are looking for. When you go up in volatge like that you are also getting a heavier drill. I have a 12V cordless drill and I can get through cement and drill out doorknobs in solid core doors fine. THe Ryobi is an undervalued drill for the price. It is very strong, very reliable and with home depot they should carry replacement batteries when yours fails down the line from inactivity, (it will do that if not used and charged regularly). But replacement batteries aren't too bad in price either. So you are going to save on the debate of just buying a new drill later.

    You may want to look at the 14.4, but anything 12V or higher will give you the power you need. A 7.2V is pretty much a cordless screwdriver, not a drill.

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    It all depends on what you like. If you like the look of hardwood don't waste your time looking at laminate you will not like it. Laminate is actually stronger than wood, so if you have kids or big dogs laminate will hold up a lot better. Some people say laminate can't get wet or it will get ruined only if water gets under the floor water on the surface is fine and it will hold water longer than wood. I just find wood to look more elegant, and it does add more value to your home than laminate. Hope this helps.

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    Electric drill will give you the umph you need. You could also purchase Black & Decker 18 volt rechargeable drill. Will give you more umph. Can purchase at Wal-Mart, Miejer, Home Depot, Menard's, and Lowe's. Your local hardware store may even carry them.

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    Ryobi 18 volt with battery and charger at Home Depot for $49.00

    Great tool. Had mine since they came out years ago.

    Good luck

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    Just go to your local pawn shop and get a real powerful one for cheap.

    The staff are happy to help you too.

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