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Number of Cycles in chemotherapy treatment for leukemia?

I understand the whole induction, consolidation, maintenance thing but what does it mean if someone is in cycle 11? Is that longer than normal as in it kept coming back? A friend of a friend is in cycle 11 but in maintenance treatment.

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    Maintenance chemotherapy - Chemotherapy given in lower doses to assist in prolonging a remission. Maintenance chemotherapy is used only for certain types of cancer, most commonly acute lymphocytic leukemias and acute promyelocytic leukemias.

    I'm assuming your friend is in a lighter maintenance chemo session to help hold off the cancer from returning, or at least prolonging the remission.

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    I do not know, I am rusty on what sketchy background I had.

    Here is a Merck Manual link below that has trusted information for chemotherapy, also check the drugs@fda for additional background information.

    Where I live they have a cancer clinic that as far as I can tell is run by non-board certified doctors, one is just a GP. So, make certain that your friend has qualified doctors otherwise he/she could be treated for leukemia and really not even have it (as they tried to get a bone marrow sample from my wife, but I took her to board certified hematologist/oncologists and they said it was not necessary).

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