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Who are the international bankers?

Since the formation of country our forefathers have been fighting this entity that were not really sure who they are. According to some documentaries, it's the Rothschild that Jefferson and Jackson were fighting against, but they never mention their name. Even Lincoln spoke about the money masters, lets look back at history here.


First Bank of the United States


Second Bank of the United States


National Banks

I believe the National Banks were very similar to have a private central bank, can someone clarify this?


Federal Reserve

As you can see a central bank as been appearing on and off until it finally got control of our currency in 1913. But according to some documentaries, the Rothschild were behind this. Is this true?

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    Rothschild in only one of them. The others are no more than 10 families of USA and the rest are the European monarchies.

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