why is Norway so expensive ?

A summer trips to Norway is coming out to be so prohibitively expensive - that I am cancelling it .


this is just expensive - Its either this or a good car for me .

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    Norway is a very rich country with good access to oil in the North Sea. It may be hard to believe, but it's not that expensive here on a Norwegian salary. I'm in between jobs and my boyfriend and I are living comfortably enough on his salary.. as a pizza cook. There are more jobs than there are people (especially in engineering and technology) and unemployment is around 2%. However, it's very expensive for tourists on another country's income.

    Norway highly taxes a lot of goods, like alcohol, petrol, sugar, anything imported, etc. They aren't part of the EU, and so they don't have to work by the same trade regulations. The government wants the country to be as self-sufficient as possible, which means buying locally even if that means at much higher prices. Not too many decades ago, Norway was very poor, and everything still operates with the thought that luxuries shouldn't be taken for granted. In return, the taxes pay for free education (including university), very low-cost healthcare, a good pension, 42 weeks parental leave at 100% (and monthly payments to help financially if you have children), and many other services.

    That said, the trip you linked to can be done MUCH more cheaply if you book it yourself. Camping is free anywhere in the Norwegian countryside (as long as you are far enough away from houses) and the transport between cities and tourist sites is good. The cities themselves are walkable, and if you make some of your meals yourself food costs can be limited. You would have a great time in Bergen, with side trips to the Flåm area and Sognefjord or Geirangerfjord, maybe on the way to Ålesund.

    Train tickets:


    Bus tickets:


    Flåm railway:








    You can even get fjord tours for much less than the other site:



    Just a tip, if it's nature you're mostly interested in, skip Oslo. While the train trip between Oslo and Bergen is amazing, Oslo itself is like a smaller, less nice, more expensive Stockholm.

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  • moats
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    3 years ago

    Why Is Norway So Expensive

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  • freije
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    yet as a pupil you isn't paying lots of the tax, in simple terms sales tax (yet it extremely is as much as twenty-5% so does result). As to get right of entry to the advice is... pupils from worldwide places exterior the eu financial area (EEA) If the size of your stay in Norway is greater suitable than 12 months you at once grow to be insured under the national insurance Scheme once you sign up as a pupil at a Norwegian enterprise of better training and as a resident in Norway. If the size of your stay in Norway is between 3 and 365 days you ought to stay with for club of the Norwegian national insurance Scheme offering insurance with connection with wellness amenities. the type must be sent to the insurance place of work interior the municipality in which you're staying. pupils who do no longer grow to be a member of the Norwegian national insurance Scheme, ought to have a social protection insurance from their domicile us of a. looking a activity relies upon on the place you're and what you're keen and able to do. in case you have some particular skills then there could be an beginning off there. you should be waiting to get some artwork tutoring English as an occasion. in any different case it is the traditional, cleansing, bar artwork and so forth. in case you have any Bar adventure or skills then you extremely ought to slide a number of the language matters interior the greater suitable towns in case you will get in at between the Irish/scottish/british/american themed places. i would not anticipate area time artwork to help you however. in case you extremely need the money to get by using then you extremely've issues.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Norway has decided to become a high skill inclusive society. What it means is that education and training are freely available to all that want to pursue it and the government supports high technology developments, mainly in oil and gas, but also in shipping and related industries.

    Alongside this the tax structure encourages a flattening of the differences between those at the top and those at the bottom. Even manual work pays well and all jobs bring a living wage. This means that basic services can seem expensive, because that barman, waiter, cleaner, etc, can afford to live on what they earn.

    As to tourism, Norway wants the best, and not too many of them as that spoils the place. Yes things are expensive, but not on a Norwegian salary. The alternative is to be like the US where those at the top, normally through accident of birth, though they always try and claim that it's through your own work, can afford everything and those at the bottom get jack. What it means is that when those at the bottom fail to pay their mortgages because the guys at the top forgot about managing risk the house of cards collapse and we're all in it up to our necks.

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