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Anonymous asked in Education & ReferenceHomework Help · 1 decade ago

Is this essay true for anyone? ( on crushing)?

i just want to make sure it's partially accurate.

or some are accurate for the majority.

if so tell me which part is true

4 people already said that it was pretty ture for them, but i want 9/10 of my audience to be able to have some kinda of relation with my essay.

and edit for me please

We all have that one romantic thing that we so easily get swept up in, we just cannot help but be part of it. Maybe it is your "Thursday night Grey's Anatomy session," or your precious A Walk to Remember. Or it can simply be that head over heels song Tim McGraw by Taylor Swift that's on every single of your iPod playlists. But did you ever stop to think why you awed when Landon kisses Jamie during the play or when you practically hugged the TV when Landon proposes to Jamie? Well, it's because everything about crushing has a mesmerizing power over our hearts like nothing else in life does, or ever will. So here, in heart-flutteringly delicious detail, reasons of the joys of crushing.

#1: Crushes Give You Something :

Crushing is a hobby of wonder and wondering: When you have a crush, you can turn to it when you're bored, frustrated, or stressed. For hours (or even a spare 30 seconds), you can go over every detail: What it would be like to kiss his pouty, pillowy lips or run your fingers through his messy, rock-star curls. Your imagination is like a magnet for these fantasies. That’s why the cute guy in your Calculus can come to your rescue when your parents are driving you nuts. Maybe he’ll pull up in a shiny new, blue Lamborghini to take you to a romantic picnic, then gently kiss you by the lake. Anything can happen in your world of fantasy. That’s why it’s so depressing when crushes fades, or when you find out something not-so-hot about him, because without a crush to long for, life just seem a little less interesting. In fact, in some ways, crushing can be even better than having a relationship. Relationships require hard work, but crushing is like sending your mind on spring break.

#2: You Get A Tingly Feeling When You See Him:

You know the way you get when your crush sits so close to you during the school assembly that you can practically see every single sexy blink of his eyes and every cute crinkle of his mouth as he talks? It’s like every super-intense emotion –excitement, longing, insercurity, lust- rolls into one massive wave and, as it washes over you, you can’t focus on anything else. Your heart races and you sweat like crazy. You feel like your life is literally hanging in the moment and what you do in the next few minutes to get his attention will determine your complete happiness or enternal despair. Oh, you know that feeling. It’s like everything is moving in slow motion set to your favorite love song. And that’s because nothing else in life triggers the kind of all-consuming reaction that crushing does. It’s a 100 percent all-natural high, and it’s so addictive.

#3: Instead Od Losing Yourself In Your Crush, Your Actually Find Yourself:

If you look closely at your crushes, you’ll start to learn more about you: If you’re constantly crushing on the class clown, you probably need more silliness in life; if you long for a bad boy, you might want to be braver; If you dream about the artist, you could be craving for more creativity. So study the traits you admire in your crushes. What you’ll start to see is the ultimate joy of crushing: It isn’t about giving a guy attention- It’s really about paying more attention to you.

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    1 decade ago
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    thats an awesome essay. definitely agree that that was me in middle school.

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    1 decade ago


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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yes, good job.

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