tennessee valley authority?

what was the immediate purpose of the tennessee valley authority and the long term goal it had?

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  • Jane
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    1 decade ago
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  • 3 years ago

    sweet! i love interior sight questions- I stay in Knoxville, a significant component of the TVA challenge! previously the TVA equipped dams (Norris, Douglas, fortress Loudon) the Tennessee and Mississippi Rivers flooded oftentimes and badly. there have been many deaths, ailments, and many funds lost even as the floods got here. The TVA began construction contained in the great melancholy, giving jobs to many. It also electrified the valley and for the first time, electrical energy change into accessible to all this is electorate, no longer purely the wealthy ones. My grandfather can nevertheless remember switching from kerosene to electric powered lamps! this is a huge deal because it began ushering the valley into the widespread era, and commenced the push for different sources of electrical energy except purely burning coal. this is nevertheless substantial the following, because there are frequently flood situations nevertheless. They enable water out and in of the damns for this reason, protecting us from floating away!

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