Do you feel that TV and movies deliberately portray Christian characters in a negative way?

And do you think that contributes to negative stereotypes in real life? Or even causes disdain or hatred toward Christians?


Hugo: The Flanders on the Simpsons, for instance are portrayed as dorky, out of touch with reality, do-gooders.

Update 2:

Priests are very often negatively portrayed, as pent-up, sexually repressed hypocrites, or worse.

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    references would help, across a broad spectrum of TV and movies.

    ie are most arabs portrayed as terrorists or evil magicians, or are they portrayed as consistently god-fearing and benevolent as your average GI Joe praying to God...?

    List 50 movies with Christians playing a prominent or supporting role...then you'll have a better idea.

    EDIT: Yes Ned Flanders is dorky. So is the teacher in Beavis and Butthead, so is Phoebe in Friends, and Homer Simpson is stupid and lazy... but is their belief in God central to their characters??

    In short, TV and (usually dumbed-down variety) cinema revel in stereotypes across the board, so yes sometimes Christian characters get portrayed in negative ways. But they are hardly singled out in the grand scheme, I warrant many more god-fearing characters have been portrayed as (arguably) unrealistically upright and good citizens a la Waltons or Brothers In Arms or Little House On the Prairie.

    Talk Radio is another thing altogether..often indulging in propaganda not heard since the days of Goebbels.

    *EDIT 2* Michael's answer displays an awful unwitting irony.

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    Christian Characters On Tv

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    It depends on what the writer is meaning to convey through the media, and also the perception of the viewer. I for one am an atheist, News pieces like the Dover Trial I automatically see the xtians in a bad light, same with the satire "Saved." Granted I believe both pieces were liberally skewed towards putting the nonbelievers in a good light, if I were a xtian I would have been offended by both pieces, but being as I am not, I was gleefully entertained.

    To answer your question, Yes, I feel christian characters are portrayed in a negative way, b/c real xtians, the ones I respect anyway, would not act like the simpering, vapid, vindictive nutjobs we see on TV.

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    On many shows the family is catholic, that family usually is okay with Birth Control. The catholic denomination does not allow the use of B.C. so it does portray catholics improperly often. (George Lopez, Everybody loves Raymond.) That is just an example in other cases sometimes they do portray them in a good light, other times they don't. There are good and bad Christians in the world and on TV.

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    Joan of Arcadia was well-done. Flanders, Reverend Lovejoy, and Father Maxey (from South Park) are a mixed bag. Elliot Stabler (from Law and Order; SVU) is clearly Catholic and a strong heroic figure.

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    I think some do. That some are portraying Christianity as a evil religious group while some don't.

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    They make a mockery of Jesus and His followers as much as they can. This world is not our home. Jesus told us that. The powers of darkness are everywhere and nowhere is this more evident than in TV and Hollywood movies. And remember, Jews have much to do with these forms of entertainment.

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    If you are truly a Christian, you shouldn't care.

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    Well in most movies and T.V. series I watch the religion of the people aren't all that important....

  • Depends on the show.

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