how easy / difficult is it?

i am 8 weeks pregnant, my bf is not sure if he wants to stay with me if i have the baby, (he is 27) he also says he wont pay child support, i was just wondering, how easy/difficult will it be to bring up the baby on my own, i am 22, and have all my family and friends 2 support and help me if i need it, all answers appreciated, thanks


he has made me have an abortion twice befors last year already, and im worried, that if i have another 1, it will ruin my chances for the future?

also i know he has to n i have told him i would take him to court, think hes just being immature about it

Update 2:

i am actually qualified in cjildcare, and provide a childminding service anyway

Update 3:

im not thinking of getting an abortion, not this time, i just couldnt do it, its not the babys fault, i could give it the best life i possibly could, im deffinately thinking of having the baby, but im just scared i think

Update 4:

i am on the pill, but didnt miss any, so just must be that small percentage that that gets pregnant whilst on the pill

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    You will be fine, especially if you know you will have the support of your family and friends if your bf does not stay with you.

    Legally, if he chooses to leave you, he will HAVE to pay child is not a choice of his at all.

    The baby will bring more happiness to your life than you could possibly imagine right now! I know if you were to abort this pregnancy, you would regret it more than if you were to have it and possibly be a single mother. The child you are pregnant with did not ask for this situation, and surely does not ask to be killed because his/her father may not stick around to see him/her. I commend you by being responsible enough to ask for advice.

    Source(s): My husband's brother and his girlfriend had an abortion and they have said that they regret their decision everyday.
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    Being a single mom is never easy. You hear about men running off all the time when women get pregnant. If you want to keep the baby,you can do it! I know for a short time period,I was a single mom,then he and I get back together,anyways,I would keep it if you want to. Don't let him decide for you. You can do this! It's not easy,not hard,it is what it is. You make the best of what you have,and do what you can. Having people behind you most definitely helps,as I did and that's how I did it! Keep the baby,or give it up for adoption if this guy being like this is going to decide whether or not you have it. I'd have it,but that's me. After 3 abortions,you lose a lot of the chance to have any children,I would most definitely keep it,he sounds like one of those "get while the gettin' is good" men. Not the type you want as a dad.NOTE-Bob D,you're a douchebag.

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    I don't want to sound rude but i think Spouse support is a great moral support if nothing else. I dont mean its Impossible without him/her.

    In the end its your decisions, i think you should abort it. I understand its a great feeling but honey You are just 22 and there is a lot in life you will miss on once you have a child. it is a huge responsibility. I'm not trying to scare you but one should be aware. i think there is time for everything, have faith in yourself and GOD and rather do something big in life. This time will not come back but for sure you can have babies later in life at the right time.

    Rest its your call. be sure of your decision.


    n USE CONDOMS....... why n how can you afford to take such big risks...

    STD's, pregnancies... there s so much you can control...

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    If you are debating on getting an abortion I would tell you for the sake of the child please not to. If you end up not wishing to keep it you could give it to a family that will care for it and give it a good life. Iam sure you could do a fine job raising it without him with the support of friends and family. You can do it. :)

    About him saying he will not pay child support, if it is his child and you want to keep it, it is the law that he pays child support or he will be sent to jail. They actually just pull it from his paycheck if he refuses. They did this when my dad would not pay..

    Anyway, iam sure you will do a great job raising your child. :)

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    1 decade ago

    Child support is not an option, send him to court and take every last nickel and dime he has. He is grown enough to know what he's doing. As far as raising a child is concerned, even with 2 people its not easy. BTW, no matter how many friends and family you have, a child still needs his father, try to knock some sense into him.

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    i feel for you,, but since you said your family will help you ,, you will absolutely be fine! the only way he wouldnt have to pay child support would be if he signed over his parental rights, or if he avoids it but there are ppl out there to help make sure it comes out of his check before he even gets it! there are so many single moms out there doin it without family and with 2,3, 4 or more kids ,, you will realize the love and develop determination to take care of your baby the moment you se him/her.. you just stick it out and know its not the babys fault and the baby deserves to have the best life you can give it. GOOD LUCK!!!!

  • of course it will be difficult but if you have the support from your family and friends then that will def help! there is nothing wrong with being a single mom!! he has to pay child support, he's an idoit if he does think so!

    its normal to be scared but talk with you family and get a plan going, you'll feel much better!!!

    congrats and good luck!

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    1 decade ago

    You can do it just fine on your own. As long as your family or someone is there to support. As for the boyfriend, he's legally the father so you can get him in court for not paying child support. My sis had that and they just take it right out of his paycheck. Good luck!

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    Well first off he doesn't have a choice when it comes to child support. Tell him you will take him to family court and have the courts order it and if he doesn't they put out warrants for him. Also babies are very expensive especially if you have to pay for child care.

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    trust me girl you would do just fine i am 18yrs old my first daughter 1yr 9mnt, second one is 9months and i am pregnant for my third i live alone and barely get help from my family just social service and i am doing fine. as long as you have people to support you dnt kill your baby bcos you dnt think you can cope. there are alot of single mums out there so relax. any guy that makes you do abortion is a bastard as far as i am concerned. STOP KILLING TO PLS HIM GIRL

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