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Why does my Samsung 37" 720p accept say it can display 1080p?

I just bought a new Samsung LN37A450 LCD 720p HDTV. The tv has a max res of 720p, but when i connected my PS3 and did the auto display setup, it says 1080p and asks me if I can see the picture and want to accept these settings. i said YES, and tried to playing a blu-ray movie. During the movie, i clicked the INFO button on the TV to see what resolution it's displaying, and it says 1920x1080p. Is it really doing this, or is it just down scaling the image to 720p? Should I leave my PS3 on the 1080p setting, or set it to 720p?

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    The TV may be able to accept a 1080p input signal, but if the native resolution of the TV is just 720p, then it's downscaling the image to 720p before displaying it on the screen.

    Setting your PS3 to 720p should give the best results, though you may not actually notice any difference.

  • Anonymous
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    select 720p anyways because my tv is 720p/1080i and my 360 says also 1080p but I picked 1080i as the maximum resolution my tv can support, also games are 720p/1080i ps3 has the ability to play blue ray movies which is closest to 1080p.

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