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Anyone else gonna listen to MRN full-season?

FOX always seems biased toward a few drivers, and ESPN has a just plain BORING commentary. I can deal with Bill Weber and NBC, but otherwise I am listening to MRN/PRN for all of NASCAR's races this year whenever I can.

Anyone else with me? Mute the TV and listen to the radio commentary?


I actually enjoy the delay. Fun to listen for "OH A CRASH IN TURN 3!!!"

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    I just wish the MRN guys did tv, I can't do the mute thing though.

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    MRN is very good. Only problem is that it is delayed so when I turn off the FOX talking heads, the MRN broadcast is about 5 seconds behind the FOX TV.

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    Got it on right now, That Digger non-sense that fox had on, Thank god for MRN, nothing but the race no stupid non-sense. We have the TV on, but I got my sirius radio on in the kitchen as well. I love MRN/PRN .

    Go Dale Jr & Hms

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    I Always have my MRN/PRN radio on, right next to my remote.

    Especially when the Yellow comes out and of course the commercials.

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  • I listened to MRN for the duels since I was at work. I loved it. I never thought to have both on and will turn it up when the commercials are on. Great idea.

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