adidas company information?

information about it swot analysis

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    SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of the company.

    Do your own analysis. Try going to the company's website for thier business plan or try to find analyst's reports for the company.


    Remember that Strengths and Weakensses are internal...these will be matchless to Adidas! You can probably find most of the information you requirement at the Adidas corp. site:

    For S & W, look at things resembling their product dash, nouns, media hype expenditures, financial stability...S & W are a result of the company's long-gone and current decision.

    Threats and Opportunities are external...they affect more than in recent times Adidas...other competitors will also be artificial by the T and O...some might even affect competitors within other industries. For example, consumer confidence affects high-dollar purchases...any company that sell soaring dollar merchandise will be threatened by falling consumer confidence and will hold the opportunity to deal in more products when confidence is giant. For T and O, look at the marketing environment...laws/regulations... technology, demographics and social factor, competition, financial variables, etc...

    The best opening to distinguish between Strengths/Weakensses and Opportunities/Threats is to ask a simple ask...would the issue exist if the company didn't exist? If the answer is no, it is a strength/weakness...if the answer is yes, it is a threat/opportunity.

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