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Could Israel beat Russia?

I think Russia would win... (Nukes,reliable cheap weapns, t-34's, su's)

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    Russia, would own

    better army


    air force, in full out war, the objective is to destroy, probally not Better air force, and navy, and of course better Planes, mean more airstrikes, on top of that, the Russian's have way more troops,and way more ballistic missles, submarines, and weaponry..they sell allot of their russian made weapons, to countrys in the middle east and china....if any country is the biggest threat to the USA, i feel its either china or Russia, however for all the worlds talk, i feel China does not wish to conquor or real, instead, they want to make china just more stronger in their reigion, and mabye 1 day, take taiwan back...that being said, A few Nukes would wipe out all of isreals people, and even with their missle defesnse, system, evnautally some missles would get by ,or bombs,,on top of that, ISRAEL is so small compared to russia, Russia, has a smaller population of course than china or india, however there people are more spread out, at the most there are 15 million or so around the moscow area ...that their most dense area.

  • musin
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    did no longer Russia say the different day for Israel to close their mouth or go through the outcomes? all and sundry is conscious the Russians can squash that TINY united states of a few MILLION, with little attempt! The Womens chinese language Forces are 3 hundred million! The inhabitants of the US!

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    Is this without our involvement/support and their surrounding neighbors not attacking also? If so, probably not if it was pre-Cold War Russia, but then again look at Afghanistan in the 70-80s. Mass vs. experience vs. home ground vs. tech Advantage vs. leadership. some many factors.

    Small countries can and have prevailed against larger ones but most have had outside support to help pull them through (Our American Revolution:France, Afghanistan/Russian conflict: US Stinger missiles).

  • Anonymous
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    In a no holds bar totally fictional will never happen but lets sit here and think about it anyways kind of war ...

    Russia would turn Israel into a sea of glass.

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  • fuhadx
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    1 decade ago

    No, Russia would win hands down.

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    When nukes are used, nobody wins. Your question is moot.

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    no contest.................Israel is gone..................Russia has those 100 megatom mirvs

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