bare minerals question?

please someone give me all the details on bare minerals just much does it cost? how long does the coverage last? does it make you break out? does it help you not break out? do you have to buy the starter kit? could you just wear the foundation, and not all the other stuff? is it hard to put on? does it matter what brush you use? what do you wash your brush with? how long do the eyeshadows hold? anything else you want to add? thanks

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    Bare Minerals Cost- $25

    Coverage- This foundation is good if you are looking for light-medium coverage and your complexion is somewhat oily. If you have dry skin it will only emphasize your dryness and the fact that your are wearing foundation. If you have oily skin it will absorb the oil on your skin and give you a nice matte finish. Because it's a powder it's more susceptible to fading due to sweat/oils that your skin produces so you may have to touch up every few hours or so.

    Acne- It hasn't helped my acne but it definitely hasn't caused or aggravated my acne either. I used to wear this during school and some nights I would sleep with it on my skin and to my surprise I didn't wake up with any breakouts. : )

    Starter Kit- I would recommend the starter kit ($60) because it's a really good deal. They give you 4 mineral powders (two foundations, mineral veil, and an allover color) and although the amount is small, you really get your money's worth on the brushes which if bought individually will cost you more than $60. It also comes with an instructional DVD on how to apply the foundation.

    I just wear a little moisturizer then I apply my foundation. I don't use the Mineral Veil which because I haven't noticed any difference when it's on. It's supposed to give your face a more luminous appearance.

    Application- Once you get the technique down, the application is very easy. You just swirl your brush in the powder, tap the excess off, then start buffing it into the skin. It's far easier and less time-consuming than applying liquid foundation. Here's a how to tutorial if you want to get a better idea:

    Youtube thumbnail

    Brush/Cleaning: The Bare Minerals brushes are the best for applying the foundation. They are specifically designed to pick up and apply the mineral powder. Because the foundation is a powder the brush wont get buildup like a liqud foundation brush can. I would advise washing it only once a week with some mild shampoo.

    Eyeshadows: I only have one color in the Bare Minerals Shadow and its a shimmery silver color. The key to making their shadows last and preventing shadow fallout on the face is to 1) apply an eyelid primer (MAC Paint Pots or Urban Decay Primer Potion) and 2) really pat the shadow down on the lid.

    Most people either love this foundation or hate it. But if it works with your skin it's a great foundation especially because it doesn't contain all those chemicals like other foundations. And when you have it on it doesn't really feel like you are wearing anything. If I were you I would go to Sephora without any makeup on and ask one of the associates to try it out on my skin. You will know immediately if its the foundation for you.

    I hope this helps! : )

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    Cost: Likely depends where you get it and what you purchase with it. The starter kit is ridiculously overpriced at 60-70 dollars, and a lot of people hate that it comes with 2 shades (so I've heard)

    Coverage: That depends on your skin and what you use for skin care and how you apply the foundation. Some people find it has poor lasting power, others love it.

    Break outs: A lot of people break out from it due to it containing a nasty skin irritant known as Bismuth Oxychloride (which is why I HATE HATE HATE those infomercials where they claim it's SO natural. PFT) which can cause redness, massive irritation, and most of the time irritation can cause acne. If you aren't very sensitive at all to msot products, then it may work fine for you. And even people with sensitive skin can find it works great. It all depends on your skin.

    and you don't need to buy the starter kit. Buy what ever products you wanst.

    In terms of hard to put on, it may only be hard if you dislike the way it looks on your face. I suggest to not BUFF as much, but instead STIPPLE it on. Buffing too much can cause a lot of irritation, especially with their brushes, which are notorious for being of absolutely horrible quality. For a brush, you can use a regular kabuki, a flat top kabuki, a stippling brush, or even a foundation brush, or those little puffs, or even trying a sponge. You can try out a lot of different ways to apply it. And it can be applied wet or dry since it is a "mineral" foundation.

    Wash your brushes with mild soap and warm water, or a baby shampoo. And it's also good to use a mild conditioner as well if you have real hair brushes as opposed to synthetic. Although synthetic is far less likely to irritate your skin.

    The eyeshadows will hold depending on how you apply and if you use any form of base or not.

    What I'd like to add?

    If you are starting out with minerals, skip BE, and try something else that is AFFORDABLE. This way you can see if you even like the notion of mineral makeup.

    I'd say go to a Sephora or something and ask them to try out the foundation on your skin, but ask them to apply just a light layer. And then go directly home. Since it may end up looking bad (too greasy, more noticeable pores, redness, etc) or be the wrong shade, which may be likely since they have such a small colour selection.

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    I use bare Essential

    Its so amazing!

    It feels like im not wearing makeup. Alright.

    starter kit: Macys. Ulta. Sephora (no you dont have to but i recommend)

    $: I believe the starter kit is $60

    Break outs: Saw a huge looked so much better!

    you want to get bisque and foundation minimum.

    super easy to apply

    brush doesn't matter, just not a pad.

    I wash my brushes with my face soap

    The eyeshadows from them suck to be honest


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    if you get bare minerals from sally's beauty supply its only like 12 dollars there plus 7 dollars for the brush . & then they have other stuff like bare minerals blush & foundation . ive never tried it . but ive heard it works great . there is also a cheaper brand of it at walmart for 20$

    and its the whole set . at sally's you have to buy most of it seperatly .

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    about $12 i only have the foundation and it works pretty well its very easy to apply and i use any brush so just about any brush would work very well it also has SPF 15 it last about 8 hours on me but it might be different for you try going on their website i will put the link below

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    nicely bare Minerals broke me out then i attempted the unfastened trial from uncooked Minerals and it grew to become into the comparable junk as bare minerals the two comprise intense quantities of bismuth which clog your pores and wreck you out they're the two fairly undesirable. I fairly have been employing and entirely LOVE~~~~~ bee luscious cosmetics its wonderful my skin in no way regarded and felt greater valuable than now and that's hypo allergenic and does not comprise bismuth.

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    like $70

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