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    ∠ sum of △

    adj.∠ on st.line

    ∠ at a pt.

    alt. ∠s, AB//CD

    corr. ∠s, AB//CD

    int. ∠s, AB//CD

    corr. ∠s equal

    alt. ∠s equal

    int. ∠s equal

    vert. opp. ∠s

    ext. ∠ of △

    base ∠s, isos. △

    prop. of isos. △

    prop. of equil. △

    sides opp. equal ∠s

    2009-02-18 16:42:24 補充:

    adj. ∠s on st. line直線上的鄰角

    ∠s at a pt.同頂角

    vert. opp. ∠s對頂角

    corr. ∠s, AB//CD同位角

    int. ∠s supp.同旁內角

    2009-02-18 16:43:01 補充:


    ∠ sum of Δ三角形內角和

    ext. ∠ of Δ三角形外角和

    ∠ sum of polygon多邊形內角和

    sum of ext. ∠s of polygon多邊形外角和


    base ∠s, isos.Δ

    sides opp. equal ∠s

    property of isos. Δ

    property of equil. Δ

    2009-02-18 16:43:25 補充:


    corr. ∠s, ~= Δs

    corr. sides, ~= Δs

    corr. ∠s, ~ Δs

    corr. sides, ~ Δs

    3 side prop.

    ratio of 2 sides, inc.∠

    mid-pt. theorem

    intercept theorem

    base ∠s, isos.Δ 等腰三角形對角相等

    sides opp. equal ∠s 等邊對角相等

    property of isos. Δ 等腰三角形特性

    2009-02-18 16:43:35 補充:

    corr. ∠s, ~= Δs 全等Δ對應角

    corr. sides, ~= Δs 全等Δ對應邊

    corr. ∠s, ~ Δs 相似Δ對應角

    corr. sides, ~ Δs 相似Δ對應邊

    3 side prop. 三邊成比例

    ratio of 2 sides, inc.∠ 兩邊成比例及對角相等

    mid-pt. theorem 中點定理

    intercept theorem 截線定理

    2009-02-18 16:44:42 補充:

    1. Angle sum of triangle = ∠sum of Δ Δ內角和

    2. Exterior angle of triangle = ext. ∠ of Δ . Δ外角

    3. Pythagoras' theorem = Pyth. theorem 畢氏定理

    4. Converse of Pythagoras' theorem = Converse of Pyth. theorem 畢氏定理的逆定理

    2009-02-18 16:45:06 補充:

    5. Angle sum of polygon = ∠sum of polygon 多邊形內角和

    6. Sum of exterior angles of polygon = sum of ext. ∠s of polygon 多邊形外角和

    7. Angles at a point = ∠s at a pt. 同頂角

    8. Vertically opposite angles = vert. opp. ∠s 對頂角

    9. Adjacent angles on a straight line = adj. ∠s on st. line 直線上的鄰角

    2009-02-18 16:45:25 補充:

    10. Corresponding angles 同位角

    11. Alternate angles 內錯角

    12. Interior angles on the same side 同旁內角

    13. Corresponding angles = corr. ∠s, AB//CD 同位角相等

    14. Alternate angles = alt. ∠s, AB//CD 內錯角相等

    15. Interior angles on the same side = int. ∠s, AB//CD 同旁內角互補

    2009-02-18 16:48:09 補充:

    16. Base angles of an isosceles triangle = base ∠s, isos. Δ 等腰Δ底角

    17. Equiangular 等角對邊相等

    18. Nature of isosceles triangle 等腰Δ性質

    19. Nature of equilateral triangle 等邊Δ性質

    2009-02-18 16:48:24 補充:

    20. Correspomding sides of congruent triangle 全等Δ的對應邊

    21. Corresponding angles of congruent triangle 全等Δ的對應角

    22. Corresponding sides of simular triangle 相似Δ的對應邊

    23. Corresponding angles of simular triangle 相似Δ的對應角

    2009-02-18 16:48:41 補充:

    24. Three sides proportional = 3 sides proportional 三邊成比例

    25. Ratio of two sides included angles = ratio of 2 sides, inc. ∠兩邊成比例且夾角相等

    26. Angle bisector 角平分線

    27. Perpendicular bisector 垂直平分線

    2009-02-18 16:49:06 補充:

    28. Median 中線

    29. Altitude 頂垂線

    30. Common sides 公共邊

    31. Common angles 公共角


    (∠ sum of polygon) (sum of ext.∠ of polygon)

    2009-02-18 16:49:28 補充:


    (adj.∠s on st. line) (vert. opp.∠s) (∠s at a pt.) (AB⊥CD) (given) (proved) (By construction) (intercept theorem) (mid-pt. theorem)

    Parallel lines:

    (corr.∠s, AB//CD) (alt.∠s, AB//CD) (int.∠s, AB//CD)

    (corr.∠s equal) (alt.∠s equal) (int.∠s supp.)

    2009-02-18 16:49:52 補充:

    Parallelograms / quadrilaterals:

    (opp.∠s of //gram) (opp. sides of //gram) (diags. of //gram)

    (opp. sides equal and // ) (opp. sides equal) (opp.∠s equal) (diag. bisect each other)(property of rectangle) (property of square) (property of rhombus)

    2009-02-18 16:50:07 補充:


    (radii) (line from centre⊥chord bisects chord) (line joining centre to mid-pt. of chord⊥chord) (equal chords, equidistant from centre) (chord equidistant from centre are equal) (∠at centre twice ∠ at ☉ce) (∠in semi-circle)

    2009-02-18 16:50:18 補充:


    (∠s in the same segment) (equal ∠s, equal arcs) (equal ∠s, equal chords) (equal arcs, equal ∠s) (equal arcs, equal chords) (equal chords, equal arcs) (equal chords, equal ∠s) (arcs prop. to ∠s at centre) (arcs prop. to ∠s at ☉ce)

    2009-02-18 16:50:28 補充:

    Cyclic quadrilaterals:

    Uses: (opp. ∠s, cyclic quad.) (ext. ∠s, cyclic quad.)

    Tests: (converse of ∠s in the same segment) (opp. ∠s supp.) (ext.∠= int. opp.∠)

    2009-02-18 16:50:38 補充:


    (tangent⊥radius) (converse of tangent⊥radius)

    (tangent properties)

    (∠in alt. segment) (converse of ∠in alt. segment)

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