Can magnesium deficiency cause nocturnal partial seizures?

So here's the deal.I've been suffering from night sweats,body twitches,headaches,partial nocturnal seizures,hallucinations,cramping feet,hives,chemical sensetivity,asthma,allergic reactions to asprin,tylenol,etc.,tingling down the right side of my body that wakes me up,numb hands,cold numb feet,waking up jerking my leg hard,sleep paralysis ,a metal taste in my mouth from time to time,mitrovalve,extreme anxiety,and depression and oh yeah,chronic heartburn.So my son caught a sore throat virus about 2 weeks ago and then I caught it from him.I had already been having a bad asthma attack,when I got sick with the virus, it landed me in the hospital for about 2 days. I told the doctor my feet were cramping real bad,so they tested my blood.It turned out that my magnesium was very low,so low that they had to give me about a half a pint or so in a bag thru my IV.The cramping stopped and I slowly started to get better.So I guess my question is :,Could it possibly be that low magnesium was causing all of my symptoms?Why was it that low to begin with?I haven't had vomiting.I do drink alcohol on occassion,but not that much.Could I have diabeties type 2?I just can't figure out why it was so low?I go back to the doctor next friday for a follow up but I'm just extremely anxious for some answers.Please help!

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    Yes! Magnesium deficiency has been associated with many, if not most, of the symptoms you describe!

    You must be extremely deficient, because blood levels of magnesium are maintained in the normal range unless you have a severe deficiency for a long period of time.

    It is important to determine why you are deficient. Low intakes of magnesium from the diet are common, but rarely lead to severe deficiencies without additional factors.

    Additional factors that can contribute to hypomagnesemia:

    1) alcoholism

    2) malabsorption syndromes such as Celiac Disease and Crohn's Disease

    3) kidney problems

    4) medications

    5) hypochloryhdria (too little stomach acid that impairs digestion and release of magnesium from foods).

    Lastly, if you are grossly deficient in magnesium, it is likely you are deficient in other basic nutrients as well. It would be wise to have a thorough nutritional evaluation/assessment by a properly trained expert in nutrition.

    Here are a bunch of links to scientific articles on magnesium deficiency.

    Best wishes and good luck.

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    Magnesium Deficiency And Seizures

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    Just some insight may be helpful.

    Check your vitamin B's as many of your symptoms can be similar to phobias. When a person has certain phobias they experience many of what you have described. Also a person with anxiety is a really high level of fear. This can bring about the symptoms.

    I have to ask what have you been worried about, or scared about. You sound like your overwhelmed with so much fear this can open doors for a spiral effect where one bad thing leads to another then you begin to link them.. take some time to relax, change your routine, learn to meditate, learn to pray in meditation.

    Do you cry easily, feel uncomfortable easily, stressed about finances or anything else.If so Vit B is a good starting point to handle the stress, discuss your issues with your doc

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    My 1 year old cousin is anemic, yes sad, but true, and she doesn't seem like she has anxiety. Probably because of her age, I dont know. Plus if your psychiatrist said it it's probably true; don't trust the internet

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