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jackie collins< author<rock star<book sequel?

i just read a really ancient book called "Rock Star" by Jackie Collins. it was made in 1987, and though it was written over twenty years ago you can not say this story is anywhere near being outdated. it's ageless, you can picture everything taking place in the present day and age. well after reading this book all i have to say is "what the heck!" i hate cliff hangers and this lady has left my mind reeling! i would like to find out what happens to the two out of the three main characters in, kris phoenix and rafealla. i'm going crazy making guesses and have to know, is there a sequel to this book revealing what imaginative jackie collins has yet to enlighten for me. if you know please give up the info. whoever shares first will be rewarded with ten points. (but don't give a stupid answer like idk, cause that'll give you crap)

thx a ton! ^^

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    No, I'm sorry, Rock Star is one of Jackie Collins' stand alone books. Maybe she has others you'd enjoy as much? Here's a list of her titles with information on each.



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    i could write a sequel to a Nancy Drew novel (between the old ones). sure, i understand they seem to be a sequence, so technically that does no longer artwork, yet fairly they're all separate books with the suitable characters the comparable. I advise, the starring-roles sufferers or burglars in one novel in no way return, even those that Nancy turns into rapid pals with. i'm unsure which one i could write the sequel to, even with the undeniable fact that it could be like; the burglar/killer returns to seek out Nancy and ____ (sufferer).

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