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I want to gain muscle!!?

I really aspire to have a body like Marcus Schenkenberg.

So im 16, male and 6'4''. I go to the gym almost everyday and build muscle, but for now i am noticing that its a bit tough for me to gain muscle since i am tall but i am seeing improvement. i would like to know if my body will get bigger being that i am 16?

i have a high metabolism, like seriously i eat a lot and i barely gain weight. Not saying that i am skinny.

This is my workout

Mon: Chest , tric., bic.

Tues: Legs

Wed: shoulders, back, forearms

Thurs: rest

Fri:Chest , tric., bic.

Sat: legs

Sun:shoulders, back, forearms


I am pretty active from playing sports and going to the gym, i am 185 pounds.

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    It's going to be more difficult for you to get noticeable gains at 6'4" but they will come if you keep at it. Make sure you eat absolutely masses of healthy food such as lean meats, nuts and good quality carbs such as porridge or brown bread. It's hard to give an exact figure for calories without knowing more about your activity levels.

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    You are still a little young to body build it's best to stick to toning. As you age your metabolism slows so by the time you're 18-19 when it's okay to lift heavy you will be able to build easier.

    You can work abs, forearms and calves everyday. I would switch the chest, tri, bi to chest and back then put the bi and tri's with the shoulders for an alternate to mix up the workout. The body gets used to what it's doing and doesn't respond as well as when you change it up.

    Plus you do need cardio I don't see that in there. The heart is a muscle.

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    Put biceps and back together. The movements for these are usually pretty synergistic. Add dead lifts in to your workout, as they are the most muscle group intensive work out you can do and the more muscle groups you pull in, the more growth factors are released. Make sure you're getting 1.5-2.0g of protein per KG of body weight a day. Add up your whole caloric intake for a day and see what you get. If it's not around 4000, then you're not eating enough. If it is around 4000, then your metabolism is fast enough to go even higher. Periodize your workout and include unloading weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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