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Do you like these movies?

Here are some movies that i like , plz add to the list and also tell me wt u think :)

1. The unborn

2. The uninvited

3. He’s just not that into you

4. Confessions of a shopaholic

5. Twilight

6. Bride wars

7. The dark knight

8. Bed time stories

9. Titanic

10. Transformers

11. Forest Gump

12. How to lose a guy in 10 days

13. Iron man

14. Men in Black

15. Mamma Mia

16. Hancock

17. You don’t mess with the Zohan

18. The Mummy

19. Juno

20. Ratatouille

21. Norbit

22. Pride and prejudice


24. Rush Hour 3

25. I now pronounce you chuck and Larry

26. Night at the museum

27. The outsiders

28. The pursuit of happiness

29. My big fat Greek wedding

30. Sydney white

31. The break up

32. Me you and Dupree

33. Nacho libre

34. Click

35. Ice age

36. Happy feet

37. The devil wears prada

38. Madagascar

39. Mr. and Ms Smith

40. Wedding crashers

41. Monster in Law

42. Are we there yet?

43. Cheaper by the dozen

44. Fun with Dick and Jane

45. 50 first dates

46. National Treasure

47. Rambo

48. Mean girls

49. Princess diaries 1 & 2

50. The Grudge 1 & 2

51. Home Alone

52. Ocean’s thirteen

53. Charlie’s angel

54. Freaky Friday

55. Daddy Day care

56. Two Weeks notice

57. Sweet Home Alabama

58. Legally Blonde

59. Miss Congeniality

60. Remember the titans

61. Into the Blue

62. Pearl Harbor

63. High school Musical 1&2&3

64. Disturbia

65. Prom Night

66. A walk to remember

67. I know what you did last summer

68. The lizzie McGuire movie

69. The sisterhood of the traveling pants

70. A Cinderella story

71. Dumb and dumber

72. Step up 1 & 2

73. Road trip

74. Bring it on

75. The Adams Family

76. Fred Clause

77. Hair Spray

78. The enchanted

79. Save the last dance

80. The wedding singer

81. The Amityville horror

82. Twister

83. Just friends

84. The valet

85. French Kiss

86. The Game plan

87. White noise

88. Catch and release

89. Maid of Honor

90. She’s the man

91. John Tucker must die

92. House bunny

93. Anastasia

94. Liar Liar

95. 101 Dalmatians

96. Zoo Lander

97. Father of the bride 1&2

98. The messengers

99. 13 going to 30

100. Aquamarine

101. 10 things I hate about you

102. First daughter

100. back to the future

101. My super ex girlfriend

102. Employee of the month

103. White Chicks

104. Jawbreaker

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    Your list has very awesome movies but i would also include What happens in Vegas with Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz

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    I haven't seen the first 4 yet, but I like these off of your list.

    7. The dark knight

    10. Transformers

    13. Iron man

    19. Juno

    20. Ratatouille

    26. Night at the museum

    30. Sydney white

    32. Me you and Dupree

    33. Nacho libre

    35. Ice age

    36. Happy feet

    38. Madagascar

    43. Cheaper by the dozen

    48. Mean girls

    49. Princess diaries 1

    50. The Grudge 1

    51. Home Alone

    54. Freaky Friday

    60. Remember the titans

    63. High school Musical 1&2

    64. Disturbia

    73. Road trip

    86. The Game plan

    Also you should add Signs, The Wrestler, Taken, RV and Scream. IF you haven't seen those then you should.

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    Dark Knight


    Men In Black


    National Treasure


    Back to the Future

    13 Going On 30

    The Addams Family

    Miss Congeniality

    Pearl Harbor

    Home Alone

    Freaky Friday

    Daddy Day care

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    Mostly good movies. But any list of grate movie should include: The Blues Brothers, Planes Trains and Automobils, Godfather 1 & 2, Aliens, Donnie Darko, every Pixar film, Jaws, The Matrix (only the first), Donie Darko (so good it sould be listed twice), First Blood (why better then any other Rambo movie), Star Trek 2, Star Wars 4, Blazing Sadles, Dracula (any version really but the 1992 one is probobly best).

    Just to name a few

    Source(s): also check out this list. I've scene most of them and not one is a dud.
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    1- i really liked this movie! pretty jumpy and all, but great plot, and ending

    2-ehh not so much.. i think they tried too hard. they like tried to make it scary and suspenseful and it just turned out retarted like.

    3- allright i guess?

    4- corneyyy. feel good movie of the year my ***...

    5- books are wayy better, and teh special effects couldve been better, especially durring the runnign scenes, but overall pretty great

    6- cutesy little movie


    8- great for little kids, and adam sandler? halariouss

    9-classic love story, a classic, i <3 this moviee

    10- personally i got dragged to this by my little brother and a bunch of my guy friends. not so great, but most people seem to like that

    11- another little classic movie that i lovee :D

    12- pretty halarious romantic comedy

    13- have yet to see, friends said it was pretty good tho

    14- thatss a great movie right theree

    15- like my faveoritest movie in the world, my friends and i weere laughing on the floor this whole movie. '

    16- never saw itm my brother liked it though.

    17- another great adam sandler movie, pretty halarious.

    18- ehhh

    19- another one of my favorite movies :D kept me laughing

    20- another good little kids movie, i personally thought it was really cute and all.

    21- just plain retarted. im sorry but it was like little funny parts, but mostly redicilous

    22- i cant sit through these historical movies

    23- ? theres no23?

    24- the origional was the funniest one

    25- this one had me like rotfl

    26- there making a second one :D

    27- really good ending who wouldve thorugh they were all dead!?!?

    28- really amazing inspirational movie

    29- THE BEST MOVIE IN THE WORD> absolutly halariouss.

    30- modern day snow white, i found it pretty funny


    32. halariouss

    33. redicilous. im not really all that wild abotu jack black

    34., everyone said it was sad and all,idk really i saw it bootlegged and it was a pretty bad version

    35. the best one outta the series

    36. good music, great for the little chillins

    37. okay...

    38. i like to move it move itt...

    39. great action film.

    40. lol, all those rules.

    41. never saw it

    42. greatt! are we done yet was like the saddest excuse for a movie ive like ever seen though

    43. greattt

    44. the old one was parthetic, the one with jim carey was awesomee

    45. again adam sandler = <3

    46. really great movie. the 1st and the second one. really good with the historical factor as well.

    47. never saw it

    48. i loved that when i was little :D

    49. omg. more great movies. theyre just absolutly halarious too :D

    50. good movies, but not so good in the horror section

    51. keep the change ya filthy animall...


    Source(s): ill finish laterr..
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    1 decade ago


    Stuart Little 1 & 2


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    okay i love Titanic well I'm obsessed with TITANIC now i'll just put the numbers for them















    and of course 9 cause it's TITANIC

    i love your list!!

    Source(s): I've seen and loved those movies!!
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    1 decade ago

    Alot of those films from Horror to Comedy are really well directed.

    How about putting 'never Back down' on this list, I reccomend that film for somebody who likes a bit of fist slinging.

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    talladega nights

    the benchwarmers

    uptown girls

    8 mile

    saving private ryan


    shallow hal


    4 brothers


    benjamin button

    stomp the yard



    pink panther 1

    taken(in theaters)


    kicking and screaming

    the dukes of hazzard

    role models

    scary movie 3&4

    disaster movie

    tropic thunder

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    1 decade ago

    I like the majority of those movies :)

    A mixture of comedies/chick flicks/horror movies

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