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I am 16, will my body get bigger?

I really aspire to have a body like Marcus Schenkenberg.


So im 16, male and 6'4''. I go to the gym almost everyday and build muscle, but for now i am noticing that its a bit tough for me to gain muscle since i am tall but i am seeing improvement. i would like to know if my body will get bigger being that i am 16?

Update 2:

i have a high metabolism, like seriously i eat a lot and i barely gain weight. Not saying that i am skinny.

Update 3:

This is my workout

Mon: Chest , tric., bic.

Tues: Legs

Wed: shoulders, back, forearms

Thurs: rest

Fri:Chest , tric., bic.

Sat: legs

Sun:shoulders, back, forearms

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    keep at it, make sure to hav protein drinks after every workout.

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    You can, but you're going to have to eat a bit more fattening foods. Not foods like french fries and unhealthy fast-food like that, but things such as meat with more fat content should do it. Also drink milk or take calcium tablets.

    Source(s): From my Biology Teacher
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    Keep workin out. Dont strain yourself though. Careful and keep workin man. Heavy weights dont mean a thing! Repatition!

    Source(s): Uscg gym
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