What company should I get to do my taxes?

I am trying to decide if I should do my taxes myself, or if I should take my taxes to one of the tax offices. Should I take my taxes to H&R Block, Jackson Hewitt, Liberty Tax Services, Peoples Taxes, or should I buy TaxCut software and do it myself? In the past three years, I have done my taxes myself through taxcut, had a shady tax lady do it two years ago, and had a tax accountant do it last year.

I am filing joint taxes for the first time this year. I have a 1st and 2nd mortgage, and I started a small business toward the end of last year. I didn't make any money in my small business and incurred a few small expenses. I have three W2s because I changed jobs in 2008 and I collected unemployment for three months. My wife has two W2s as she changed jobs too.

I have this thought in my head that if I pay someone more money to do my taxes for me, they can get me a bigger return. What do you think?

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    It all depends on what type of service you are looking to receive. If you are good with numbers and navigating the IRS forms, then you can try one of the tax software packages. But some people just don't like to even think of numbers so one of the chains (JH or HR, etc) could help you out. Depending on how complicated your return is, you could be charged $100 or more and people usually say the service is hit-or-miss. You may get a really good tax professional who has been working there for years or you may get someone who just took one of their "quick study" courses and is doing taxes to earn a few bucks. Either way, the company will stand by the return.

    You can also hire a CPA - there are many CPA’s online that you can use. Plus, CPA's are probably the most knowledgeable in terms of tax law and regulations and during this time of year, many charge extremely competitive rates - sometimes better than HR / JH or the software packages. In fact, the one I use each year only charges around $50 for my return – it’s really a great deals compared to the other guys.

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    I do not recommend h&r block to anyone and I will NEVER go back there. I don't have any experience with any of the other companies you listed. I think the best bet for everyone is to either buy TaxCut or you can file federal for free on the irs.gov website. Some states will let you e-file for free.

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