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Tea Help! Another Tea Question!?

Another Tea Question.

Is it okay to mix the following Chamomile, Mint Leaves, and Greek Mountain Tea.

Greek Mountain Tea:

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    Dr Richard schulze who worked extensively with teas and ill and dying people said to think of herbs as food..potent foods. It is generally ok to mix them..if they are for completely different purposes you can separate by 15-30 minutes if desired,

    The only problems that might come is if you mix two herbs with opposite purposes.. say taking an emetic and an anti-emetic at the same time..they would kind of cancel each other out.

    Or if you take some toxic herb or are not aware of cautions for specific herbs. a good herbal can help you here. I like Dr Christopher big book the school of natural healing.

    Nut when mixing herbs like goods you have no problems mixing carrots and celery..herbs are kind of like that.. I often mix various herbs and make herbal formulas and have never had a problem.

    Also when making teas (infusions or decoctions), use distilled or steam distilled water as it is empty and thus pulls

    so yes it is fine to mix them and I think you might find this chart to be of help also for your health concerns

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    I am familiar with the two Western herbs, chamomile & mint. I found another site about the Greek Mountain Tea (Sideritis syriaca) and it seems it also has digestive properties. (Diuretic, digestive, antioxidant, calming.) I would see no problem mixing the 3 herbs. If you find it gives you dyspepsia, I would suggest you drink less or drink at a different time of day, since these herbs are alkaline forming and will lessen the amount of acid in your stomach.

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    Actually at the store you can buy bedtime tea it also has valerian in it and I believe all the same that you mentioned, its good to help you relax.

    Sleepytime Extra. Celestial Seasonings Tea is the Brand it has a cute teddy bear relaxing on the front.

    For the Record Yes it is OK

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    Tea is okay to mix with almost anything, although that combination might not taste good.

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