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What is the Best .45 acp Ammo?


The Best Defensive Ammo?

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    depends on the use defensive or target.

    I like speer le gold dot hollow points for defensive ammo and for target amm (fmj because it's cheaper) go for win or wolf. although you may hear bad things about wolf, it works just as good as long as you clean your gun because wolf ammo is really dirty, but I find that win is not to much more $ than wolf so personally I just buy win

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    Depends on for what use; honestly brands make little difference any more from an accuracy or power stand point and the best ammo depends on your weapon in many cases. I have two .40's and one has no problem and great accuracy with one brand that my other one does not shoot well and has feed problems with but the ammo in it is not as accurate as the other is. For home safety Glaser are good because of lack of penetration and excellent stopping power but for general use are not as good. The best brand and bullet weight is what works best in your pistol and the best type depends on what you are using it for.

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    None. For home defense use a shotgun.

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    winchester or remington, the best is corbon

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    the accurate kind

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