Rate Names???!!!??? Please!?

Not preggo just some early planning ;)

Rate these names please?


Jamie Asher

Thomas Michael

Peyton Isiah

Elijah Parker

Isaac Jude

Taylor Douglas

Caleb Olivar


Elizabeth Rosalynn

Chloe Tamahlyn (tam-uh-lin)

Marie Anne

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    Jamie Asher--7/10

    Thomas Michael--8/10

    Peyton Isiah--5/10

    Elijah Parker--8/10

    Isaac Jude--7/10

    Taylor Douglas--9.5/10

    Caleb Olivar--9.99999/10


    Elizabeth Rosalynn--9/10

    Chloe Tamahlyn (tam-uh-lin)--9/10

    Marie Anne--8/10

    I don't know why, but I like long names :D

  • Jamie Asher - 2/10 - Asher is lovely. Jamie is a nickname for James.

    Thomas Michael - 5/10 - The names are nice but it doesn't flow. Michael Thomas flows better.

    Peyton Isiah - 5/10 - The name is nice but it would have gotten higher marks if Isaiah was spelled correctly. I'm glad to see Peyton on the correct gender.

    Isaac Jude - 6.10 - Nice names.

    Taylor Douglas - 1/10 - Don't like it.

    Caleb Oliver - 7/10 - The names are nice but Caleb Oliver doesn't really flow. Oliver Caleb flows better.

    Elizabeth Rosalynn - 8/10 The name is beautiful. Elizabeth Rosalyn is prettier though.

    Chloe Tamahlyn - 4/10 I like Chloe but not Tamahlyn

    Marie Anne - - 5/10 Doesn't really flow. Anne Marie flows better.

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    Jamie Asher (7/10)

    Thomas Michael (5/10)

    Peyton Isiah (6/10)

    Elijah Parker (5/10)

    Isaac Jude (6/10)

    Taylor Douglas (4/10)

    Caleb Olivar (7/10)


    Elizabeth Rosalyn (6/10)

    Chloe Tamahlyn (8/10)

    Marie Anne (6/10)

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    1 decade ago

    out of 10 with 10 being the best and 1 being the worstJamie Asher

    Thomas Michael- 6.5

    Peyton Isiah- 4

    Elijah Parker- 5

    Isaac Jude- 4

    Taylor Douglas- 6

    Caleb Olivar- 6

    Elizabeth Rosalynn 7

    Chloe Tamahlyn (tam-uh-lin) 4.5

    Marie Anne- 8

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    My full name is actually Camelyn and so I can't stand the name Tamahlyn... its too hideous to me! It sounds similar but butchered beyond belief... I also don't like the name Tammy though, so to each their own.

    But I love the first name Chloe. (10)

    Elizabeth Tamahlyn would sound better(9/10)

    or my Goddaughters name is Chloe Marie and that is way cute. (8/10)

    For the boys I love Elijah Parker(9/10)

    Jamie Asher(7/10)

    & Isaac Jude.(8/10)

  • 1 decade ago

    I really love Isaac Jude.

    Elijah Parker is my second favourite and I like Caleb, but Oliver not Olivar.

    As for your girls names I am not really a fan on any of them.

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