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Oyster asked in Society & CultureHolidaysRamadan · 1 decade ago

Muslims can you plz tell me about ' LOH E QURANI ' ?

it is not told in holy Quran that's why being questioned by non-believers ?

but it's interpreted by scholars, i know .

plz tell what ever you know ?


All are good !

I want more info over it , plz ?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Even scholars say:

    ((None but Allaah know their meanings))

    They are those letters which occur at the beginning of Surahs:



    They are also called Muqatt'aat

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  • 4 years ago

    Ask a new question, and you will have your answer within 4 days. First, get a small box, a bit of glue, a roll of tape, and a dozen pair of dice. Put the glue on the inside bottom of the box, drop in the dice, tape it shut, and give it a shake. Then, post a question here, asking anybody to pray to any God to tell you what the dice total is. When the time limit runs out, look at the answers, and open the box. You might get the one correct answer, from someone who has a relationship with a God which does Know All Things, and actually does answer prayers, and really cares enough whether or not you believe And if all the answers are wrong, it may indicate that God doesn't care what you elieve, as long as you behave ethically.

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  • Shah
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    1 decade ago

    Its an allegorical description of the GUARDING / PROTECTION of the Quran.

    God has appointed guards on the Quran. So that the "INSINCERE" cannot understand it. And they tend to fly AWAY from it. This has been termed as a Protected Lohe-Quran.

    Just how this happens, see the following:

    Ref.: 56:75 to 79

    Ref.: 17:45 & 46

    Ref.: 18:57

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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