Do you know Tigger from Winnie the Pooh?

With out looking up, tell me honestly. Did the person that played Tigger on Winnie the Pooh do anything in real life? Give a name of the man/ woman that played him too.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Tigger was voiced by Paul Winchell, who passed away in 2005.

    Winchell also voiced Gargamel in The Smurfs and Boomer in The Fox and the Hound, as well as voicing other Disney and Hanna-Barbera productions.

    He was also an inventor, patenting an artificial heart in 1963.

    His other patents included a disposable razor, a flameless cigarette lighter and an invisible garter belt.

    Winchell last performed as Tigger in 1999, in Winnie the Pooh: Seasons of Giving.

  • 3 years ago

    Pooh and Piglet are fanatics, shown actuality! to respond to the query: I in no way seen Tigger as such, yet once you look at Tigger and Rabbit's relationship it does make a touch sense... Tigger. See, dammit. First Foghorn leghorn and now Tigger. end ruining my formative years thoughts =O

  • 1 decade ago

    I'll agree with Stephen K about the acting credits.

    But the other stuff?

    Dang if I know for sure.

    Has somebody been messing with Wikipedia again?

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