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I hate HOLLYWOOD, arn't they messing up people's lives?

1- They sell sex instead of personality.

2- Only good looking people win.

3- Worst of all, this true love stuff only happens in the movies.

4- Regular girls are all headcases now because Hollywood wants them all to look like 90lb drug addicts.

5- They send the wrong message to everyone and create false hopes and ruin peoples lives

6- There is no longer love, everything about Hollywood is about stupid Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and who's doing who this week... who cares? How ablout who helped who?

7- I'm tired of watching movies with shallow actors that go home to mansions and play parts of little guy. I think the little guy should be played by little guys... not millionaire actors with make up.

8- I'm tired of seeing little boys and girls influenced by materialistic Hollywood and their garbage of false promises

9 The show the fake world of rich good looking people acting poor and making it... it don't work that way.

10 - Hollywood flat out sucks!

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    I completely agree!

    Even the people who think they're "grounded" have let the fame get to their heads. You can tell a lot of them are arrogant and money hungry.

    Hollywood does suck.

    Although, Mickey Rourke is making a comeback and women are allowing him to grope them, so I guess that cancels out #2 & 7

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    Hollywood (or the entertainment industry) is a materially driven industry. Its all about money and fame.

    The people involved seldom care where the money comes from and will side with anyone who can get them up the ladder or keep them up there. This is the nature of complete materialists.

    Entertainment industry is also intrinsically linked with Politics and journalism, which would shock some of the people who buy the products.

    Certain people in the entertainment industry (such as pop singers) do deals with people with money in politics in order to gain the favor of those who are politically aligned such as the people who own the papers, the music magazines, the tv channels and the film industry.

    Such people may even be used to ruin other people who may pose a threat to political parties and factions. Pop artists can write songs to smear such people, or even turn up at the victims home town and influence the local population to turn nasty towards the victim (at times, even when the victim is theoretically on the same political side as those who are victimizing them).

    But this is the world we have allowed to be. Now, film and pop stars are so powerful, it is hard to stop them.

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    Hollywood sucks at making films and is dying. The end. Hollywood sucks my sweaty black noodles and rubs my egg rolls! >;)

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    I despise Hollywood too, since "most" of the celebrities there are often a bad influence to our society. I'm sick of hearing about new movies with inappropriate content like foul language and drugs (which seem to be more frequently in the media these days) Imagine if a major disaster (such as an earthquake) hit Hollywood? There would be a lot of drama!

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    1.That is about 80 percent true. Not all of them whore themselves to sell.

    2. John Williams won an award in the grammys and that guy def. does not look good, but I love his music.

    3. That is not true my cousins have found true love and I think I have, but I need more time to tell.

    4. Not all of the girls are head cases only Jessica Simpson and a bunch of Disney stars.

    5. That is pariatly true. It is also the fans fault because they can't tell the difference between reality and dreaming. For instance the crazy Twilight fans who actually pick scabs for Edward. That is not hollywoods fault; it is the fan girls fault. They should know between right and wrong.

    6. That is not true either. You aren't looking hard enough. Brad and Angelina is old though and annoying.

    7. So what? Why don't you try out for a part then the little guy would have the part.

    8. That is their parents fault because their parents aren't telling them what is right and wrong. I always tell my sister she looks fine. She came home one day and said she was fat! The girl is only 10 years old. I told her that people in the magazines or on TV are not that skinny and that she is skinny.

    9. Your grammar sucks it is It doesn't work that way. You are the one being sucked in by Hollywood's silly reality. Relax man, Hollywood isn't that big and bad. They may live a fancy little world, but just let them.

    10. I like going to Hollywood though. I am in love with learning and I have went behind the scenes in Universal and Warner Brothers studios and I love to learn how they do things.


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    Yeah. But not all of them are as bad. I have a friend who starred in Freedom Writers and Dexter. And she's a good person. She doesn't do all that crap that the majority of stars do. Such as: being oversexed, a drunkard party girl, a drug addict. She's just a woman who lives a normal life, and now has a daughter.

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    So true! I feel the same way. Just looking at "pretty" celebrities makes me want to die. Why are they all so perfect and why does everyone love them? I know some of them aren't pretty on the inside. Why don't people understand that? There are very few celebrities that people should actually look up to but for some reason they don't become really popular. All the other celebrities only become famous because of there "hot" bodies and then they turn into porn stars. It's disguisting.

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    you have to realize, Hollywood doesn't force people, people (as human beings tend to be) give in to temptation and they choose to become a certain person and perform certain actions. you say this now, but if you were making 3million+ a year and you had all the toys and places a person could want, you'd be on TMZ faster than you could say cheese.

    I will admit, Hollywood used to be something so much grander, but thats the way the ball rolls, there are still some people who stay true to "magic of the movies", but Hollywood still has the potential to make someone a great movie star w/out the mess-up-ur-life package.

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    I agree with you, but Hollywood wouldn't exist if there wasn't a huge amount of consumer money and interest pouring into it. Even if we hate it, we're still feeding the machine.

    You can never be too rich or too thin right?

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    1- Dark Knight had no sex in it. It was very successful

    2- Rocky won the world title. He was hardly good looking.

    3- No it doesn't. You are just too cynical.

    4- Queen Latifah seems to be OK

    5- No they don't. If you life is ruined by a movie, then your life must have been pretty pathetic to start with.

    6- Then don't watch E News.

    7- Dustin Hoffman is a little guy. So is Danny DeVito.

    8- Probably better than being influenced by religion.

    9- Then don't watch it. Use your "OFF" button on the remote control.

    10- No it doesn't. You suck for living your entire life through movies and TV shows.

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