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how to put imovie videos on youtube?

how do you put imovie videos onto youtube (using mac...obviously!)

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  • Zyfert
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    Which version of iMovie?

    In iMovie 08 or 09, use Share > YouTube from the top toolbar.

    Remember though that you first must have a project.

    You cannot upload clips from your event library.

    So click File > New Project, give it a name etc. and click Create.

    Then edit you movie by dragging selected clips or portions of clips from your events into your new project.

    When you have finished then click Share > YouTube.

    regards, Zyfert

  • battle
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    3 years ago

    you may make helpful of the video format, mov or mp4 extra healthful to imovie. considering's a switched over youtube, so i think of you in basic terms get the converter for the youtube video clips.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    This iMovie tutorial will give you the solution.

    In the last section, publish video to web.

  • 1 decade ago

    ok got to share (on top) and click on youtube (4th). just type your youtube account information, and video details, and just wait!

    Source(s): i did this today!
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    that's an interesting question I hope you'll find some valuable answers

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