Snow, Collins, Specter: Are these our bipartisan heroes?

On c-span yesterday, Republican after Republican got up and said that tax cuts (read: for those making $250,000 or more) would somehow magically fix the economy and the mess financial executives have made. For the 300 million or so of the rest of us, the only Republicans brave enough to vote their conscience were Snow, Collins and Specter.

Don't we need to send a message to the other, lobbyist-owned senators?


CAE--I understand your thinking, but entrepreneurs (less than 1% of the population) will follow their dreams with or without incentives. Over 35% will suffer loss of health care, proper nutrition and even homelessness without assistance.

Update 2:

Specter is a Pennsylvanian first. And tell me why only 3 Republicans wanted jobs in their districts? Hmmm?

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    Collins isn't a hero, she removed an important whistle blower safeguard from the act that would have protected people who came forward to report fraud, waste, and abuse. The others I don't believe were much better, the modifications they made to the bill just made it worse.

    However, the rest of the Republicans are truly terrible. They don't care a damn what happens to America and don't bother to even try to solve anyone's problems except for the lobbyists who pay for their seats. The fact that the three Republicans aren't as bad as the rest doesn't elevate them to the status of heroes.

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    The GOP say ugly things about them. Newsmax said Specter did it to get research for his cancer. Ugly. 70 billion went to the little richies and richie riches to keep from paying more taxes. That's almost 10% that won't get spent and that total is 22 billion more than will go for infrastructure. Unbelievable. Every member of Congress gets a piece of that chunk of change_ talk about buying votes. I have liked those three for a long time. Wish we had more people like them in the Congress. They'll pay a price with the GOP. Maybe they can switch parties! LOL

    Steele is hoist on his own pitard.

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    I don't know about that. However, I'm glad they supported the package. As for Specter...he's in Pennsylvania. He may have difficulty winning the GOP nomination because he's up for reelection soon. However, I'm sure he will get a lot of help out of the Philadelphia area to help him. And, the Dems in Philly always support him.

    Amusing that Lieberman was hailed as a hero by the Right for working against his party's nominee... and these three are being called "traitors". Hypocrisy anyone?

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    I dunno about the babes from Maine but Specter is going down when he runs again. He should change his party affiliation to Democrat or maybe even socialist. That would at least be honest.

    I am in PA in his voting district and I will work tirelessly against him for his opponent in the primary or the general election if he gets that far. I will work for a Democrat just to get this hypocrite retired.

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    Snowe and Collins rock. Go Maine! They enjoy an almost 80% and 62% approval rating instate, so I am pleased to say they are not going anywhere for a while.

  • CAE
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    250k is an avg. needed to survive for a small entrepreneur with a handful of employees.

    We are talking Beauty Shops, Bakeries, cabinet makers, carpenters and

    even small tech companies with more educated staff.

    Small Businesses most often employ tradesman and people with barely a high school diploma. Lots of people ditch their corporate headache jobs to start their own businesses. Although in this economy it is not a good idea.

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    Are you F'ing kidding me? They ought to be ejected from the GOP!!! They are the poster children RINO's!

    I have placed a poll on my blog:

    Should Olympia Snowe & Susan Collins be ejected from the GOP?

    Should Arlen Spector be publicly rebuked, lose and GOP leadership posts and warned that future disloyalty to the GOP means ejection from the party?

    Go vote & I'll pass along the result to the Senatorial GOP!

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    Snow, Collins and Specter got the earmarks they were demanding, in all likelihood. If you're looking for principle in Washington expect a long search.

  • Good morning comrade.

    How do you know that all the other Republicans didn't vote their consciences?

    And what did you say about the 11 Democrats in the House who opposed this Porkulus Package???

    You probably called them traitors!!

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    1 decade ago

    They're no heroes, more like Rhinos and yes we should send a message to our lobbyist-owned president too...

    Steele should break it off in them!

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