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How much energy does a Kill-a-watt meter use?

If you hooked up a Kill-a-watt to another kill-a-watt, what would the watt display read?

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    The meter uses very little energy. Its resistance is as low as .001 ohms.

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    Above answer is right. The digital meters examine the PF immediately and dont even would desire to be examine by a meter guy. The low PF does not value you much less yet basically disrupts high quality of the means altogether. means companies have been charging for undesirable PF on commercial shoppers for years and years. you may clean up this by installation capacitor banks. Your typical PF to your place isn't as undesirable as 0.50 besides.

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    Convert into Kilojoules which is a unit of energy.Then look at the heating effect of an electric current.

    Then using simple formulae connect and there you have resultant. start!

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    Very little.

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