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Do you feel really sad this Valentine's day?

I wrote this three months ago when I nursed my Chocolate Lab, Minerva, back to life. I couldn’t do it today.

Boundless breathing

Brown eyes rolling shut

Undulating chest

Waiting for what

Princess awhile

Draped in purple frill

Bestowed with gifts

Endless love, good will

I will serve you

Cookies, grapes and see

You lap the milk

Warmed with sweet honey

I will watch you

Breathe and wait until

Your final thought

Of your greatest thrill

You have taught me

A true lesson here

As one grows old

And becomes austere

Will need loving

Tending hands at will

To ease painful nights

And warm the chill


I know about the grapes ma. I thought of ancients being waved with palms and fed grapes.

Giggles, she took her last breath this morning.

Update 2:

Thank you Semper. I

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    May she rest in eternal peace...

    Inspired to do such by your love

    Never doubt that she will remember your kindness...

    Everlasting is what love is.. never

    Really leaving us... or...

    Veering off course... we keep the love we...

    Appreciate love....

    Source(s): For Minerva
  • henkle
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    3 years ago

    i think of that Valentine's is particularly an unfair trip. It shouldn't additionally be a trip for the reason which you will possibly desire to particular love and affection on your bf/gf anyday of the three hundred and sixty 5 days, sometime should not be assigned for that. to respond to your question i'm feeling lonely too ): sorry your boyfriend is in yet another united states of america..i'm lonely as a results of fact i don't have a boyfriend in any respect...and it variety of feels like each and every physique around me has got here upon love.....Valentine's would be lonely for me as a results of fact it somewhat is yet another reminder that i'm nonetheless single. Wishing the final of success to you

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    Great write. I have never had a dog....but it is hard not to be moved while reading this.

    And to answer your question, I had thought that today and tomorrow might stir a few unhappy emotions in me....relating to losing someone very special to me eight years ago this week....tomorrow is the anniversary of the funeral. But this year seems to have been easier on me than the past few years.

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    Aw, you know how this got to me, right?

    Listen, as an aside, research now says grapes and raisins are sometimes fatal to dogs, have an enzyme in them that's deadly....don't know if you meant it literally or not, but wanted to pass that along for future reference.

    Nice, sad, true write, D.


    Source(s): Edit: OHHHHHHHHHHH, Dah, I'm so, so sorry. So sorry. I thought the "I couldn't do it today" reference was about writing it, not about not being able to bring her back to life.
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    I read that the dog is still alive, so that is good.

    But I was crying for today because so many people are lonely on this day, and it's a Saturday when many people aren't working (in addition to the many people who are unemployed). It's a quiet day and I feel very sad for everyone who is hurting today.

    I think it's good to cry and get out the feelings. My stomach has been hurting so much lately because of stress with others. I am sensitive and I feel other people's pain right in my top stomach... feels tight and a hungry-like feeling even though I am not hungry (I eat regularly).

    So I guess I just want to say I am sending a big HUG to all of us out there who are in some pain today for whatever reason-- lack of job, lack of love, lack of friends, or lack of focus.

    My girl friend once told me when I was going through a bad time with someone, and I'm sending it to you: "WE DESERVE LOVE. WE DESERVE HUGS and KISSES."

    Even if we don't have them, WE DESERVE THEM. It was a turning point in my life when she told me that, because I guess I really didn't believe that I deserved love because I came from a dysfunctional family who faught and fought when I was little. Nobody had any love to give-- it was all pain.

    But now I'm healing from that-- going to lots of 12-step groups-- and knowing that I deserve love, but FIRST, I have to love myself.

    So even though we don't have someone else loving us, we can love ourselves.

    So do something really nice for yourself today, because it does not have to come from someone else. Take yourself and a friend to a movie or go alone to it or a nice dinner and get yourself some nice candy that makes you feel good, because YOU DESERVE IT.

    We are all good people who are meant to love and be loved.

    But first it's got to start with ourselves.

    Happy Valentine's Day, lovely people. <tune to the Christina A. song: YOU are BEAUTFUL, in every single way.... Words can't bring you down."> or however that goes. ;)


  • Mixtli
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    1 decade ago

    A very lovely poem D. I don't know if the tone was set deep in my psyche due to your forward comment, or what, but I felt cold reading this.

    Source(s): My condolences.
  • Joe K
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    1 decade ago

    Now me is sad!

    When me was a child, my father prevented me to have a dog. He thought that me would get attached to it. In his words, "If you would like to try the cry and tears over a loss of something, raise this dog!" and me had to let it go.

    Very sad, but true and excellently penned piece!

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    Oh, Dah, I'm so very sorry for your loss. I wish I could give you a hug. I'm going to give my Clementine an extra squeeze on behalf of your little loved one. Crying for you, truly.x.

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    Awe. You state you nursed the poor thing back to life--still living?

    The poem is beauty!

  • 1 decade ago

    Nice poem sad too..Nothing sad for me except the bills keep piling in.

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