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我想只係睇戲 但又唔知隔幾個身位睇會唔會都有輻射,所以想問有幾遠嫁?

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    I don't know what kind of radiation you refer, ionizing or non-ionizing?

    For particle radiations, like alpha, beta and neutron. Their ranges in air depends on energy. Alpha has the shortest range in air (~ a few cm), beta range is longer (~ about one to several metres), and neutron is even longer (several metres or more).

    For electromagnetic radiation, such as X- or gamma rays, ultraviolet, infrared, microwave or radiofrequency waves, their range depends on the degrees of absorption by air. Different types of electromagnetic waves have different absorption by air. In theory, electromagnetic waves could travel quite a long distance.



    Don't understand what you said in your question. But the most important point is not how far radiation could travel, it is the intensity of the radiation that is crucial. In the actual fact, we are constantly exposed to background radiation of all sorts, some of which are of very high energies. It is because of the extremely low intensity of such background radiation that we are not hurt by it.

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    At Things Can Obtain Radiation,Also Can Reflect Radiation,

    The Distance Of Radiation Not The Same,

    It Affected By :


    Place,Kind Of Radiation,

    And The Environment,,,

    The Kinds Of Radiation Have Many,,

    Infrared Radiation,,

    Ultraviolet Radiation,,

    Radar Radiation,,

    Microwave Radiaton,,

    Laser Radiation,,,,

    The Radiation At Cinema Is Very Less,

    So I Think You Do Not Afraid It,,

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