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[英文]paint the whole town red的意

The tourists painted the whole town red.


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    paint the (whole) town red

    >> 大肆慶祝; have fun & pleasure; (不一定要喝酒的); 或指當一個人情緒很high時; 放蕩的宴會; 要引起注意時做的事; go wild, go crazy;


    1. When the handball team won its first major match, the players decided to go out and paint the town red.

    When you paint the town red, you …….. .

    a) tend to behave like a hooligan(不良少年) after matches

    b) rarely succeed in anything worthwhile(不會有任何有價值的事情出現)

    c) celebrate an occasion with enthusiasm(熱烈的慶祝)

    2. True Colors

    The Atlanta Hawks went out of their way to "Paint the Town Red."

    Head Coach Mike Woodson wants the Atlanta Hawks be among the hardest working teams in the League. But he also leaves room for his players to have some fun.

    Last Sunday Woodson and his Hawks combined work with pleasure as they traded in — or at least covered up — their white home jerseys for aprons and uniforms of different Atlantic Station businesses as part of a promotion called "Paint the Town Red."

    The promotion gave Atlantans a unique opportunity to rub elbows with Hawks' players and staff in four locations: Fox Sports Grill, Cold Stone Creamery, Regal Cinemas and Publix.

    3. Paint the town red(draw attention)

    Red is usually a colour of celebration, but on Wednesday it is also colouring the flag for awareness of the biggest killer of Australian women - heart disease. Dress Red for Women Day is encouraging women to wear, you guessed it, red - either top-to-toe or just a dash - to help draw attention to this issue.

    4. Paint The Town Red gift



    "Whenever there was any excitement or anybody got particularly loud, they always said somebody was 'painting the town red'."

    It is sometimes said to come from the US slang use of "paint" to mean "drink", When someone's drunk their face and nose are flushed red, hence the analogy.

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    6. Painting the Town Red on Valentine's Day

    Not everybody wants to spend the evening at some stuffy restaurant cooing sweet nothings. Some would rather go out and have a little fun. We've got a list of parties and events going on this Valentine's Day.

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    7. Paint the Town Red

    Have not been working for 2 weeks & yet my schedule is fully planned still. I've no idea, this the best answer I can give you. HAHA, nuff said. Yesterday marks the final day of cny, had Reunion dinner w TP & RP Crusaders @ Gaylang. HAHA. that sounds nicer, I supposed.

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    Heh! Thereafter, had Rocher Beancurd! I can assure you diabetes is round the corner if you have it often. Lol. Nevertheless, (we had a great time of fellowship with one another!) (Man, I miss vone's nonsense! )

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    8. 不過女生說: "We went out and painted the town red."時, 指的是: we went out and have some fun. 但當男生說: "We went out and painted the town red." 時, 可能情形不同了, 因為他們會作一些 crazy stuff, like going wild, getting drunk, driving fast, etc.


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    paint the town red = party, go wild, 大肆慶祝, 痛快的喝酒, get drunk... etc.

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    The tourists painted the whole town red.





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