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    Even brook station

    The even brook station's geographical position is actually the position in the range foot village, the train in toward the cyanine tung oil tree on the way, can pass through one to stretch across three pit brooks to stand tall and erect the iron bridge, the advantage may observe the even brook village and Shi Decun the mountain city settlement state clearly. Is connected what with the station is the Chinese street, on the street has department store the Pingxi Town peasant association and several between traditional, is being full of the thick local character and style.

    Even brook Laokay is being suitable the Chinese street which the even brook station comes out, walks down along the slanting sloping road, then arrived with the even brook street overlapping place, this area is even brook Laokay is. On the even brook street still held the partial traditional type sliver of street room, the houses relies on the river bank to stand, some for the two-story building shop 舖 concurrently housing, manage the grocery, the daily necessities and the local snack majority. The tourist strolls in Laokay, but the train rolls by slowly in the top of the head, arrives at even brook Laokay, you may experience this marvelous taste.

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