where can i find affordable, printed wedding invitations? All of the sites I have looked at are gross.?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You can order samples, really any online retailer should be able to provide samples. Which look different and feel different than looking at a small picture online.

    theamericanwedding.com has a ton of options and you can get a free catalog that helps to see them all and review them with your partner.

    Good luck!


  • 5 years ago

    Etiquette is changing when it comes to invitations. Traditional etiquette requires all invites and inner-envelopes to be hand written in calligraphy! Since this can be expensive if you hire a service, and take some time, it generally is not the best solution for modern Brides. I would set your computer up correctly formatting to the envelop size and run a dozen tests on regular paper (cut the same size as the envelope) before you start the project. Set the printer font to a calligraphy style font, you may need to download it from the Internet if your computer doesn't have it. Now run them through! Just remember, it is not okay to have smudges, or print crooked so do those over. Good luck! Z. If you need and Flower girl dresses or Ring Bearer outfits visit my store Everytingnicefinechildrensclothing.

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    I'm getting mine custom made. Print shops specialize in it and it's surprisingly affordable since you pick the paper, ink, and overall quality of each thing. For $1000 I'm getting 250 invitations with RSVP cards and envelopes, 250 bookmarks, 40 table number things with city names, 80 menu cards, 100 ceremony programs, and the designer to make some graphic I like. Shop around. Maybe you'll know someone that can refer you even.

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    I bought printed napkins on ebay so I had one less trip out the door try there. I was happy with them and they were very cheap and lovely! Hm gross is not a word typically used in congunction with wedding invitations, what are you wanting, you can print your own, there are many free programs online and you simply buy the paper you like and envelopes.

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  • We uploaded one of our engagement photos to Vistaprint.com (or .co.uk if you're in the UK). We had them printed onto "oversized postcards", then added a sheet of vellum with the invitation text on the front, tied with a piece of ribbon (vellum and ribbon bought on ebay).

    Altogether the invitations cost around £30 for 150.

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    If you've looked only on the web, then you need to go to the bridal shops they should have invitations you can look at and touch.

    Actually seeing it and touching it is better than looking at a picture.

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    go to a craft store and purchase the 'print your own'

    it comes with the card to print it on, some sort of foofy decoration, the envelope, rsvp cards and those envelopes

    you go to the website listed on the box, follow the instructions and there ya go



  • 1 decade ago

    I recommend:


    my friend got hers there and they are nice (she got textured linen invites) and VERY Affordable. Just email them if you dont see anything you like they can create something for you

  • 1 decade ago

    I know what you mean! All those hearts, and lace, ugh awful! Go check out www.weddingpaperdivas.com they have awesome designs, and are really reasonably priced.

    Source(s): Just got my invites there.
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