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Who voted against the Stimulus bill?

Who were the seven Democrats that voted against the $787 billion stimulus bill?

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    Armyvet listed a useful overview of the 11 House Democrats who voted against the original House draft of the bill (and why they did so) - but that was two weeks ago.

    JR is asking about which 7 Democrats voted against the unified Congressional bill that came out of the conference, where the House and Senate hammered out their differences and arrived at a final draft.

    The list is really pretty similar, but some minor differences. The 7 who voted Nay this time were:

    * Bobby Bright - AL 02

    * Parker Griffith - AL 05

    * Walt Minnick - ID 01

    * Collin Peterson - MN 07

    * Heath Shuler - NC 11

    * Gene Taylor - MS 04

    * Peter DeFazio - OR-4

    There's an overview of which Reps went from voting No to voting Yes, from voting Yes to voting No and from voting either to not voting at all on the blog - see the top link below (the bottom link has more info on the Democrats who voted against the bill two weeks ago).

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    Bobby Bright: this legislation includes billions in additional spending that will have little effect on the economy

    Parker Griffith :We need to jump start our economy and create new jobs, but this bill does not do enough to cut taxes, support small businesses or invest in our research and development programs

    Allen Boyd : I have serious concerns that this level of deficit spending without a plan toward fiscal responsibility will only make our economic problems worse

    Walt Minnick: Economic stimulus, no matter how much you spend, is only going to work if the US banking and financial system is also functioning." He added that until banks are lending money again, it's unrealistic to expect results

    Brad Ellsworth : there were far too many provisions that would provide little to no economic stimulus

    Frank Kratovil :It is not an opportunity to abandon fiscal discipline in lieu wasteful spending. The plan includes projects to the tune of $200 million to rebuild the National Mall and $50 million in funding for the National Endowment of the Arts. Although these may be admirable causes, they certainly are not emergencies and should not be lumped in with legitimate efforts to strengthen our economy and get people back to work."

    Collin Peterson: "In this difficult economy, many in Congress are rushing to write and pass another massive federal spending bill. In my view, what we're considering will not solve our problems, and may in fact make matters worse." He added that the bill should have focussed on "programs directly resulting in job creation and infrastructure projects, and for unemployment compensation and food stamps".

    Gene Taylor : If anything is in it for the Coast, I don't know. I don't think it's worth the $800-billion price tag. I do think there are lower cost ways to stimulate the economy. For example, the multi-peril bill will pay for itself

    Heath Shuler: The legislation before the House today contained too much additional spending in areas that will not offer immediate economic stimulus."

    Paul Kanjorski : I strongly agree that we must stimulate our economy to help it recover from the current crisis. However, considering the magnitude of this program, is vitally important that the Congress and American people fully understand both the problem and proposed solution. All Members of Congress from both sides of the aisle needed to provide their input, but unfortunately this was not possible."

    Jim Cooper :"This bill had too many congressional pet projects and too few of President Obama's plans for jump-starting the economy.

    There you go......

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    Democrats are just stupid, economically. 5 years later... wow!!! LOOK AT US GO NOW!!! 8 % deficit spending - $85 billion per month in the Fed's QE... Almost 100 million receiving welfare benefits... job numbers pathetic still...and a broken but fixable healthcare system that is now smashed to pieces and put back together (not) by the Obama regime - with over 6 million LOSING their care ...not the 7 Million they need to make this really...they need 13 Million.

    Yep...Obama's redistribution, Marxist/Communist policies are working as planned.

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    hundreds of thousands universal Stimulus money, mine from the VA sent out in $250.00 assessments, some sent to the elderly by employing way of the Social protection workplace; could I fairly have additionally sent it back being as i'm against it? particularly, at the same time as being against the Stimulus additionally, possibly they have been grateful they won what they might in easy of the burgeoning State debts. they are going to be held responsible by employing their parts q4; can the comparable be pronounced for Democrats who nonetheless LIE and say the Stimulus has "created jobs" and proceed to choose greater purely like Johnny Rocco interior the Bogart action picture "Key Largo"? BTW: "Jobs" are those issues you upward push up early interior the morning, power for hours at a time, and spend 8-hours for a pay-verify at... no longer Obama LIES He reads off His teleprompter.

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    what's it should just be thanking God that they did it.

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