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What is your favourite Madonna song about spirituality?

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    Some say Madonna is not spiritual--spirituality is not only related to religion. It is man's connection to nature not material things. It is the search for meaning and purpose in our lives. Just because her lyrics may have double meanings, that doesn't mean they can't be spiritual, as well. I enjoy reading deeper into things.

    My favorite would be "Nothing Fails."

    She has so many songs about spirituality. But, like most of her work it is up for debate as to the intended meanings. Judge for yourself.

    "I'm So Stupid"

    "Nobody Knows Me"

    "Mother and Father"

    "Like A Prayer"

    "Promise to Try"

    "Why's It So Hard"

    "In This Life"

    "Live to Tell"


    "Inside of Me"


    "I'll Remember"

    "This Used To Be My Playground"

    "Drowned World/Substitute For Love"

    "Sky Fits Heaven"

    "Little Star"


    "Hey You"

    "How High"


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    Live To Tell is my favorite Madonna song. I don't see anything spiritual about it, but I don't pay attention to lyrics usually.

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    A tip: Most of Madonna's songs that sound "spiritual" are really sex euphemisms. Case in point: "Like a Prayer" Look carefully at the lyrics!

    Source(s): Child of the 80s and 90s
  • apel
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    I savor a number of her track, definitely I do.... yet frankly i think of she's a snobby (overrated) b*tch who would desire to have left the track scene whilst determination went "mainstream", yet it relatively is beside the element. I savor fabric woman (how commonplace!), Rain, Borderline, and prefer a Prayer the main. If I had to compliment i might say Like a Prayer. I anticipate some TD's for that.

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  • C.A.S.
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    1 decade ago

    I've heard maybe 3 Madonna songs, I have not liked any of them.

  • Yaya
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    1 decade ago

    Madonna spiritual?


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Material Girl

  • Crass
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    1 decade ago

    Like A Virgin.

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    "I'm So Stupid"


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