Is it stupid do give a ride to someone from a craigslist ad?

I am a decently sized nice guy. I'm not fat but not skinny. I'm not doing anything tonight and I kinda broke, I randomly saw a post on craigslist asking for a ride to a club tonight and the person will pay $60 round trip because she doesn't want to drink and drive and doesn't want to call a cab. Note she's "paying" me more than a cab ride will cost. You think this is dangerous?

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  • Dani
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    1 decade ago
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    Yes it's a bad idea. You dont know her and she doesnt know you, so why would she offer more money than a cab ride would cost -- to a total stranger? Someone who could rape and murder her. It sounds weird and I wouldnt trust an ad on craigslist.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Honestly, no, I would not do that. I am actually pretty leary of the people on the craigslist around here.

    If you do go ahead and do it, though, be safe about it. Verify the girl's id and make sure you know what to look for if its fake. Make sure you tell someone else who you are with and where you are going and check in with them every once in a while, and make sure you dont drink while waiting at the club.

    Keep in mind that if she is doing something illegal and gets caught like prostitution or carrying drugs that you may get roped into it as well.

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