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On poptropica I can't race Nate on the boats in big Nates Island.?

It keeps saying "I see no reason to cruise on the open sea right now."

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    if you already have the keys, go up to the telescope and look in it, find an island with seals on it and look at the paper. then go down and ride the boats. when ur racing click to jump and move the curser to go fast or slow.

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    Go up the light house and talk to the man. When he lets you use the telescope look at the paper that is trapped in between the rock. Next click on the boat and race Nate to the island.( i just go as fast as i can and keep on jumping) So when you get there push the two top seals to the left all the way then get the paper here's my guide

    First get all of the comic pieces which are

    1 talk to man in comix store

    2 top floor of pop-in shop

    3 on the top of the right phone pole in the first area where you first arrive at the island

    4 On the top of the wooden tower next to the paint next to the school

    5 in the school science lab

    6. one flooting in the air in the top right corner in the playground

    7 top of the light house the photo place

    9. in the school on a broken mike

    then go to the comix place and get the gum by talking to the man. Next at the light house there is a floating old picture get it and go to the photo place. talk to the man and trade it for scuba diving gear. go back to the light house and talk to the captain. put on diving suit and dive down to get the lobster. it is located at the bottom right corner. go back up and talk to the captain he will give you keys to his boats and let you keep the lobster. Next go to top of the light house and use the lobster it will turn the light around and scare the bird away. Now go on the boat and race Nate to the island. once you beat him you will see paper push the two top seals to the left all the way and get the paper. it is the map of where the time capsule is! Ok now go to the playground and go inside the house at the top. play hangman (the answers changes if you quit) and get peanut crackers from Nate. Next go to the school and go in the science lab. go to the potions kit thing and mix blue and yellow and a little bit of red. and put the temperature on 4. now that you have the stink bomb go to the locker full of stuff. the code is 9305. when it opens there is something in the pile the blueprints of the school. then go and chew your gum. you go in detention and use the stink bomb. the teacher go's away. then go to the green cabnit and click on it. go down and turn on the light switch. in the room you see a kid rescue him then at the top of the room its the school bells ringer. get it and go to the top of the school. put it in and the girls in the playground will move. Go to the playground and put the crackers where the girls were talking. the dog will dig a hole and the capsule is there open it and then read and then you get the medal !!!!!!!!!

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