What is the name of this movie?

oohhhkaay people. I fell asleep with the t.v on and when i woke up, all i saw was this old guy, with gray messy hair, and this other guy is like, then it goes to this other scene and this young guy with a brief case starts running out of a building or a facility. Then it goes back to the scene with the old guy and hes sitting in this chair and it looks like hes about to get electricuted. Then the scene with the guy running again. Then, back to the old guy, he sits in the chair and this new other guy, a lawyer or sumtin maybe, asks if he has any last words, and the old guy shakes his head. Then, the other scene again, the guy running. Then, back to the old guy, he gets strapped into the chair, and then this vault closes. I'm waiting for this dude to be electricuted but then the chair turns and people are watching. This gas startes coming in the room. Then the running dude again. Then the old guy is like, i dunno, foaming at the mouth and his eyes are rolling to the back of his head and he, well, dies. Then it shows the guy running.....again!

Then the credits come.

I dunno what movie this is...the ending is kind of disturbing...

But what is this movie called and what is it about?

I'm 13, would it disturb me alot???

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    The Chamber (1996) maybe..

    Based on a novel by John Grisham, this drama deals with a man trying to come to terms with his family and their ugly secrets. Adam Hall (Chris O'Donnell) is a successful attorney based in Chicago who travels to Mississippi to look into the case of Sam Cayhall (Gene Hackman). An outspoken racist and member of the Ku Klux Klan, Cayhall was convicted in the early '60s of the murder of a Jewish civil rights lawyer and his children. Pending a last-minute appeal, it looks as if Cayhall will finally go to the electric chair, and Adam has arrived to see what he can do. It hardly seems like the sort of case Adam would normally be involved with, until we discover Adam's secret: he is actually Cayhall's grandson, and despite his misgivings about the man's racist views, he wants to see if he can spare his life. Cayhall, however, has little use for Adam and even less regard for his legal skills. As Adam spends time with his Aunt Lee (Faye Dunaway), who witnessed Cayhall's execution of a black man years ago, he gets a more complete and disturbing picture of Cayhall's race hatred and the terrible toll it has taken on his family and the community.


    here's the trailer:


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    green mile

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