legalising light drugs?

legalising light drugs? - a way to fight drug abuse?

what are the positive and what are the negative sides of legalising them? what's your opinion?

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  • Kaden
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    1 decade ago
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    If you mean Cannabis, yes. We can use it to create a billion dollar industry with so many jobs to count.

    Other than using it for smoking (having smoke shops), it can be of great use as fuel, clothing, food, plastic, paper and more without destroying our environment as a whole and save our current economy.

    If it were legalized, our kids will not have easy access to the herb without proper ID, drug lords and cartels will lose lots of money and probably be no more (since they depend on it so much), why do u think they got all these guns and nice cars and **** it's cause people buy Cannabis. Over 50 billion annually our tax dollars are being wasted for what, just to arrest "potheads" and keep it illegal, we can use that waste of money on much better projects don't you think? Or actually have these pussy *** pigs chase after real crime such as murder, rape, grand theift, whatever.

    If it were legalized right now, our economy will be saved in a few years, fact.

    Source(s): There is no negative, the only thing negative right now is prohitation, Did u know alochol used to be illegal and they made it legal cause of awful crime and the depression? Guess what, it saved our economy. Go to they would help provide you with useful facts and make sure to tell everyone you know about this.
  • clare
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    1 decade ago

    I totally believe that cannabis should be legalised. It is no more harmful than nicotine or alcohol, it could even be argued that it is less harmful. The total number of cannabis related deaths is zero. I know there is links between cannabis use and mental health problems, but there is links between alcohol use and mental health problems. I think that having cannabis classed as an illegal substance wastes police time and keeps already overcrowded jails full. If it was made legal and controlled like it is in Amsterdam, there would be far less problems with drug dealers etc. And the hemp plant can be used for clothes, rope, paper, the list is endless. Introducing hemp farming would create thousands of jobs and would have a positive effect on the environment as it would create sustainable sources of paper etc. Also, I like a smoke.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Legalise them all. The war on drugs is NOT working. Legalising the drugs would fund universal health care,pay for rehab for those who want to quit drugs, stabilise the world economy, eliminate drug related crime on all levels.

  • 3 years ago

    drugs must be legalized. right here is why: a million) No black industry. Undercuts investment for terrorism and a brilliant variety of alternative unlawful events. 2) administration of what is going into drugs. Fewer deaths. 3) If drugs are criminal, our prisons does no longer be overcrowded. 4) medical care and rehab may well be funded from the taxes raised with the help of drug sales.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Legalizing marijuana would put a lot of cops and prison guards and miserable Nazi creatures out of work. It would be great.

    AND there's absolutely no evidence that smoking marijuana "leads onto heavier drugs" - that's the myth of the "gateway drug" which gets passed around by idiots, teachers, high school principals and government fascists. It's an illogical and false argument against marijuana.

  • 1 decade ago

    OK, Here is my Eeyore answer. But it will

    surprise some.


    I object to the term light drugs,

    because that usually includes cannabis,

    about which I know a LOT. I will address

    recreational drugs.


    First a bit on non-recreational drugs.

    Uncontrolled usage of antibiotics and

    the leeching into the water system is resulting

    in the development of drug-resistant illnesses

    and super-bugs.(added) Other drugs are

    also getting into fresh water supply systems

    and creating problems.


    Self-medication is a tricky business,

    and education and awareness are seriously

    lacking. So, those issues need to be addressed.

    Most people know excessive acetaminophen

    (tylenol or paracetamol) can be dangerous

    for the liver, but they may not realise just how

    pervasive it is in meds, and how easy it is to

    overdose and seriously damage the liver.

    I strongly believe pain meds and cocaine

    should be legally available through the

    existing infrastructure of pharmacies

    rather than liquor stores, and using the

    existing channels to monitor excessive

    consumption, with liver tests being strongly



    (added)Anti-anxiety meds should also be far more

    available, again with some monitoring system,

    and I personally dislike SSRIs, like Paxil and such.

    However benzoes like valium and xanax have

    a long history of effectiveness, and it is easy

    to point to people making fools of themselves,

    and I believe in a short time, they would be

    rejected as acceptable. They have uses, but

    again, self medication is tricky.

    Contrary to an almost religious belief,

    ALL the legitimate research shows

    usage of cannabinoids to be quite harmful

    psychologically to about twenty

    percent of the population. This is borne out

    in many studies, some of which are easily

    searchable in the BBC-Online, from about

    5-6 years ago. I have a solid

    grounding in statistics and conducted an

    analysis of the methodology in the original



    Also, the industrial cannabis(paper, cloth,

    fuels etc) is far different from recreational

    cannabis. Think of a crop grown for stems

    and seeds, rather than being treated with a

    mutagen like colchicine to largely produce

    buds. Those mutagens stay with the plant

    DNA for generations.


    The developed countries of the

    world have all agreed to outlaw

    cannabis. Even The Netherlands.

    Amsterdam simply doesn't enforce

    national laws as much as other cities

    but they have recently reclassified

    the drug, and have increased enforcement,

    to some degree.


    The war on drugs has been an absolute

    failure, except that it provides

    many jobs in enforcement and incarceration.

    The people involved in the recreational

    drug industry are among the worst

    and include many government employees

    who traffic in drugs, and benefit from

    having the supply of certain drugs.


    In Pennsylvania, a judge has been

    arrested for using his position

    to increase the jail and detention

    centers population, causing select

    businesses to profit from housing

    prisoners. Several states have

    pre-trial diversion programs, that amoount

    to little more than forced labor camps.

    The loss of productivity to an

    economy is far more than what really

    are little more than Nazi prograamss

    benefitting the insiders to the

    political system. Not the worst of the

    Nazi offenses, but on the same

    slippery slope.


    Why on earth is a poorly educated

    police force allowed to review

    the decisions of very well educated

    medical professionals regarding

    professional decisions? Well, that

    is a form of Fascism, rule by the weak

    over others due to fears and politicsl



    I do strongly oppose the position

    of selling recreational drugs at a

    liquor store rather than through

    an existing healthcare system.

    If doctors weren't terrified of the

    police and losing their licenses to practice,

    they would be able to serve their

    patients more effectively.


    All the above diatribe having been

    written, I care little whether

    someone wishes to recreationally

    use cannabis, IF I am not dependent

    on their ability to do their jobs

    well. I simply think they are foolish

    and are unable to determine their level

    of impairment.


    Thusfar, I have not addressed the

    flawed cancer treatment argument

    that seems to be pervasive.

    Because I do have leukemia, and am

    acquainted with others who use cannabis

    for self-treatment. Cannabis, especially

    when smoked is STRONGLY contraindicated

    for blood cancer patients. The blood needs

    to be as healthy and unencumbered

    as possible. It is a personalbelief

    that the effects on some other

    cancer patients is psychological

    rather than pharmacological. But hey,

    they have enough problems so I will

    give them a pass.


    NORML is a joke, and it seems to me

    they are a barrier to any decriminalisation

    efforts. One, because they selectively

    promote flawed research in ineffective

    means, mostly by applying a flawed

    absence of evidence position. Two,

    by promoting retailing

    cannabis at liquor stores, they equate

    cannabis to alcohol. Alcohol, tobacco

    and even caffeine would be illegal

    if they had recently been invented.


    When doing research, or analysis,

    it is good to remember: Absence of

    evidence is not evidence of absence,

    and correlation is not causation.

    BTW, there is a very strong statistical

    correlation between the use of

    cannabis and later usage of other

    drugs. The reason that does not

    prove a gateway position is because

    other factors may point to other

    usages, and the chemical map is still



    I apologise for the length of this post and the omissions I have made for brevity. I couldn't access the links.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    all my homies do drugs (i dont) but i aint got nutin against it... mayB jus put a age limit 2 sum drugs but other dan dat i aint got a problem

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Drugs are bad!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    the economy would be helped greatly in the US but everyone will be high and we would all die and id laugh at them but then again they would be laughing to cause they all drugged up

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    decrease in crime

    decrease in use (after initial orgy of use)

    revenue from taxes


    Lack of control or monopoly by gov

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