John 9:1-11:Why did Jesus tell the man to go wash in the pool of Siloam?

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    Naves Topical :Siloam, Pool of(Sent) A reservoir located within within the city walls of Jerusalem at the S end of the Tyropean Valley; receives water through a 1,780-foot tunnel from En Rogel (Ne 3:15; Lk 13:4, Jn 9:7, 11), constructed by Hezekiah in the late 8th cent. B.C. "Shiloah" (Isa 8:6). The pool today is called Birket Silwan and a nearby village is Silwan. Root form "Shiloh" a word of uncertain meaning regarded by many Jews and Christians as a reference to the Meshiach(Messiah) ; the NIV has "Until HE comes to whom it belongs" (Ge 49:10,ftn)

    Now that I have given you sources other than mine in regards to your question, I will exercise my understanding to the best of my ability God Willing.

    Hezekiah was Judah's last good King before Jerusalem's fall to Nebuchadnezzar, He built as per Abba Jah's(or a.k.a. Abijah Luke 1:5) advice and underground aqueduct for Jerusalem so in time of siege, Jerusalem had their own water supply and this fed Siloam and the "Virgin's Fountain", so Jerusalem would not fall for lack of water. It was named Siloam which means "sent" in Messianic Prophecy, Yeshua(Jesus) was Siloam for our hattat(sin), this man was sent to this pool by the Meshiach(Messiah) which fulfills the Prophecy of the meaning of the name on many levels. If Jerusalem would have depended on this water source and God's Prophecy, they would not have fallen to Nebuchadnezzar into captivity, they forgot this water supply and risked going outside Jerusalem for water and was their downfall, the second is "Sent" prophesying Christ and this blind man before either came to pass like many Hebrew prophecies it is a mystery until it comes to pass, this blind man did nothing wrong nor his parents Yeshua(Jesus) said he was blind, so this prophecy could be seen to pass, So Christ sent him to His own pool for his sight, imagine a King allowing a peasant to share in such a blessing of a pool meant for Christ given to this man for his healing, and why wouldn't this life giving source for Jerusalem in times of peril, not also serve him in his own peril by Abijah's(Heavenly Papa Heb.) own hand and hewn out of rock 1,780 ft. by loyal workers of Hezekiah for this very man, never being able to witness this event, but having the faith that this event will come to pass to dedicate themselves for this cause so that Christ might be glorified as I explain the ramifications to you this very day. Hallelujah!(All praise given to JAH) may Meshiach Yeshua Imannuel be praised for ever and ever! Amen

    Source(s): 1611 Version King James Bible(footnotes by E.W. Bullinger), Strong's Concordance, Naves Topical Bible Reference System, years of study in Hebraic Poetry and traditions.
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    he's the son of God yet in addition the son of guy. via being the son of God and being birthed from Mary. Born right into a international of sinners so as that he would keep them and furnish then eternity in heaven. And he additionally saved people who had died earlier than that. before Christ, human beings have been given rid of their sins via animal sacrifices yet Jesus got here to be the suitable sacrifice. He died because of the fact the suitable sacrifice so we are able to be perpetually blessed via God.

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    It's on a deeper level speaking about what is

    necessary to receive a 'cure' in Christ.

    Jesus sent the man to go wash himself

    I need to be sure I'm clearing my vision

    daily, keeping it clear, and washing in

    the pool is akin to me taking a little time

    each day sitting in silence with God, or

    dancing in the rain with God, or watching

    the sunrise or sunset with God, etc.

    It signifies a little ritual of some type....

    By faith in Christ we are healed is what the

    story basically illustrates. We follow Jesus

    instructions and we experience the 'shift' within

    ourselves on many levels....

    thanks for the Q :)

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    To give Glory to GOD THE FATHER, Through JESUS CHRIST for healing him.This Man was Blind from Birth.

    GOD Bless YA,

    Chicago Bob. (Imasinner)

    Please pray for our Country and Our President (DAILY)

    There is more Joy in JESUS in 24 hours, Than there is in the World in 365 Days. I have tried them both.(ME TO)

    R.A. Torrey.

    Source(s): GOOD OLE JOHN!
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    Jesus always spoke in parables, here the physical washing was parabolic or symbolic of a far greater type of cleansing - spiritual cleansing, the man was washed of his sins.

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    to cure his blindness if I remember rightly hadn't he put a mud mixture on the man's eyes, and sent him off to wash it off?


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    To get cleaned!

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    to claen all the sin away and to get his vision back but he needed to be purified of all sin .

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    To be healed...

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    Cause he had lice and dirty warts. Or is it spelled worts?


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