spring weather in venezuela?

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    venezuela is a big country!!! but in every region there is a different weather! caracas on spring is like 25celcius to 32 celcius.. venezuela weather's don't changes(winter, spring, summer etc) only winter (called rainny, thats when in usa start the sprin) and summer ( called dry season that's when in usa start spring)

    generally the weather in venezuela is the same all time of year.. in the coast always is hot.. but in the andes in agoust is to cold

    in caracas the less in spring is 20 grades celcius(at night) to 32 celcius at day..

    Spring's days and summer's(from february to agoust) days in Venezuela is time to go to beach..too much heat!!

    agoust to january called rainny months but mostly september october, november and december are winters days because are rainny days!

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    In Venezuela, as in other countries near the Equator line, you won't find the common 4 seasons. We have a rainy season and a dry season. Rainy seasons should begin in May and end by November, when dry season begins. However there's not a lot of difference between these seasons.

    The temperature depends on the city you are in. Merida, being on the Andes Mountains is a lot colder than Maracaibo (more or less at sea level).

    Caracas usually is not too hot, not too cold. It's located in a valley therefore it is kind of protected from rains coming from the sea, and it's at 1000 mt over the sea level.Temperature is usually around 28 celsius.

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    I think you best re-think again and go to Buenos Aires. Venezuela has Hugo Chavez and the guy is crazy. You just never know what a country is going to do especially since they hate Americans from one day to the next. Next thing you know you may be running for your life or to the nearest embassy. He is unpredictable and the people that support him are too.

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