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I have polycystic kidney disease, when will i need a transplant by if i was diagnosed at 10 and now am 18?

Hi i am a 18 year old female with polycystic kidney disease ! i was wondering if anyone knew about this disease and what could happen to someone with it? would i need a transplant in the near future if i was diagnosed at 10 ?

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    I'm 17 and was diagnosed when I was nine.

    Live about your life like you usually would, but there are a few things you need to watch out for.

    Avoid things that involve jumping around, for example, I used to do trampoline gymnastics and horse back riding, I had to stop because the up and down motions make the cysts grow.

    Salty foods. avoid those.

    And just remember to keep a good diet, be healthy. And if you were given any medication from your doctor, then TAKE IT. I had blood pressure problems too so they gave me a pill to take, and I really don't like taking pills, so i didn't take it. But apparently I just found out that if I DO take the pill it ll elongate the life of my kidneys. pretty much I'm keeping myself alive longer if i take it.

    Don't worry about transplants unless your kidneys are really bad and are full of cysts. Just keep it monitored. ex: i go to the hospital every 6 months for ultrasounds on my kidneys to check the cysts, and see if they grew/or there are any new ones.

    hope this helped :) peace and love!!

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    I worked in a dialysis clinic for 11 years. Cysts form in the kidneys for years until so much damage has been done and kidney function goes down to less than 10% Have you been followed by a nephrologist on a regular basis? Once it looks like kidney function is going down, sometimes you doctor will proceed with transplant. If you are unable to have a transplant soon enough, you will probably go on dialysis until a kidney becomes available. Just want to add that PKD is passed within families. I had a patient whose sons and some of the grandchildren have gotten it. This might be something you need to factor in when it comes to having children.

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    nicely, the possibilities depend upon which kind of PKD you have. i'm guessing you have ADPKD, that is a lot extra undemanding and has a later onset of warning signs. in case you have ADPKD (Autosomal Dominant Polycystic sickness), then the possibilities are high 50% for each new child you have, assuming you have ADPKD and your companion/companion does no longer. in case you the two do, the possibility in keeping with new child is seventy 5%. in case you have ARPKD (Autosomal Recessive Polycystic sickness) and your companion/companion does no longer, the youngster won't settlement the sickness. whilst the two mothers and fathers carry the gene opportunities are high 25% that the youngster could have the sickness. by employing the way, I even have ADPKD and neither of my mothers and fathers had it. approximately 10% of ADPKD situations upward thrust up from spontaneous genetic mutation interior the bobbing up fetus.

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